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Washington DC Metropolitan Women’s picnic drive panorama

Washington DC Metropolitan Women’s picnic drive panorama

The recently conducted Picnic Drive on July 24, 2010 in the Washington DC Metropolitan area by the “Washington, DC Women’s Alliance ” at the Kentland Park in Landover, Maryland, has marked yet another milestone in the annals of the history books of the North America in women’s movement. It is without equivocation that these Women’s Conclave of the ““Washington, DC Women’s Alliance” in North America has now symbolized a formidable pillar of the President, the First Lady and the people in our country.

This is without any doubt that, members of the current government recognize this body as an indispensable organization and the eyes of these women are always on a clockwork monitoring at our political organization and the role it is playing and expected to play in all future political developments in that country. Having said this, this group, suffice to say that, they are a very serious force and Her Highness, the First Lady has their unflinching support. Bravo and God bless The Women’s Movements.

To my amazement with this Women’s movement, defying the intense heat which was over 100 degrees, the Kentland Park was filling in with an unexpected crowd of all walks of life which drew the attention of the Kentland Engine Fire Department. It was an electrifying moment agog with anticipation. It was a grand extravaganza at the park which was full of euphoria and excitement. Food, finger food, roasts beef and more.

Stepping up on the podium to address this mammoth gathering, Hon. Alimamy Kargbo who was also the former and most respectable APCNA Chairman at all times, captured the moment after the Islamic prayers, Uncle Alhaji and the Christian prayers by Abibatu Daramy, all were given by our members. The Hon. Alimamy Kargbo advised the peaceful and respectable crowd to be more committed and perseverance to their political course in the Washington, DC Metro area. The Hon. Kargbo also thanked all the women, the able President Col. Idrissa Kamara for their relentless effort in bringing harmony and peace, the President from Philadelphia chapter Hon. Kebbie Turay, Asst. Sec. Gen. APCNA – Hon Samuel D. Turay who came in with all their families to grace this occasion, were also blessed. Members were treated with content; dignity and food was served in no discrimination.

The atmosphere was friendlier than ever. The air lost its humidity such that even plants within the vicinity lost their turgot pressure. The park booth was jam-packed and to test its intensity, this was what happened.  I tried tossing a Frisbee and somebody alleged that it hit his torso.  Women, men, children and old, were pulled from other States to have their moment at this beautiful park. Their footprints were evident in every corner of the Kentland Park as advisers and lobbyists embarked on last minute spirited demonstrations to woo every remaining appendage of support for the course of the country’s leadership, the APC government and the First Lady, respectively. The President of the chapter – Col. Rt. Idrissa Kamara gave these mothers pep-talks while Mrs. Binneh expressed her concern about ongoing disrespect of other members against other members and the women. The wife our Honorable (Mrs. Binneh) promised to work hard to elect the new chapter President who will respect the women and whom also will follow the rule of the law.

Written by: Essa Thaim Kurugba, Member, DC Chapter, USA

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