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Emmerson Embarrassed in London!

Emmerson Embarrassed in London!

The much publicized Emmerson Bockarie show scheduled for last Friday 20th November here in London turned out to be a big disappointment for the music star, his sympathizers and his sponsors.

Emerson was to launch his new album titled: Yesterday Betteh Pass Today in a live musical concert at the Fridge Club, Brixton, South East London, but the fans whom he had wanted to convince with the lyrics of his new political song gave him a show of disapproval.

The show was highly boycotted with about only thirty people – mostly organizers, who were present.

In fact, prior to the show, there were indications that Sierra Leoneans were going to boycott the show in total rejection of the new song which says present living condition are worse than it was during the past government.

Many believe the song was politically influenced to discredit the present government especially against the background of infrastructural development in the country since the coming into power of the APC government.

Many believe the song does not reflect the realities on the ground and that the musician was not echoing the minds of Sierra Leoneans because he was being influenced by disgruntled politicians who wanted power at all cost.

Sierra Leoneans who had gone to give President Koroma a rousing welcome at the Lolly Hotel at Westminster in London, where the head of state was lodging ahead of the Trade and Investment conference, had vowed to teach Emerson a lesson.

“We go tell Emerson say tiday betteh pass yesterday – ee go see we borku na de show,” Madam Iyre Kamara of Peckam South East London said.

The lesson they eventually taught the Sierra Leonean music star was nothing good to write home about and whether Emerson would be able to pick up the broken pieces of that devastating setback remains to be seen.

Sorie Sudan Sesay, Information Attache, Sierra Leone High Commission, UK/NI

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  • Hi emmerson i love you i like all youe songs and i think you are a good songs

    25th January 2010
  • i just have one question?so these apc hulligans are happy about emmeson’s concert in london ends in an embarasement. or this govt, giving contract to foreign born morons like jamel shallop, who are destroying sierra leone. why aren’t we concern about foreign fraudsters, but we concern about emmerson concert in london. so jamel shallop con scemes are ok. so where is our justice system which supose to prosecute this moron.

    23rd November 2009
  • Thank God the Party was boycotted to reflect the conscience of the boycotters of London APC cohorts. The lyrics however speaks volumes that even President Ernest Bai Koroma cannot ignore. The fact is; Yesterday was DIFFERENT from today”. It is a reality and you don’t have to buyit.More to come within the next six month. Watch out!!!

    22nd November 2009
  • This is mere politics.Why did same group not rise against Emmerson at the time he produced Bobor Belleh?In my view,they were then eager to assume authority and Emmerson’s lyrics then swayed the masses against Kabbah’s SLLP-led government.It’s just one way of saying that England is fast becoming deluged with Sierra Leonean northerners whose favourite political party back home is the APC.

    22nd November 2009

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