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In line with his celebration of 20 years of active music ministry, the Living Hope Records is pleased to present Pastor Alim Sesay in launching a new music

“Emmerson” is undoubtedly the topmost   ‘political musician’ of Sierra Leone.  He is much more than Sierra Leone’s Bob Marley

It is indeed baffling to watch Sierra Leoneans of all walks of life either congratulating or lambasting Emmerson for his latest criticism of the current Government of His

Emmerson Bockarie`s new album, ‘Home and Away’, has sold over 56 thousand copies in less than a month after its release, SaloneJamboree has learnt. The album which is the

"I hope to see a nation where our mineral resources would reflect in the lives of each and every Sierra Leonean." Emmerson Bockarie is arguably Sierra Leone’s most popular

‘Borbor Bele’ star Emmerson Amidu Bockarie and Prince Kuti-George will be among several other notable individuals and institutions to receive the Presidential Awards at State House on Independence

52nd Sierra Leone Independence Celebration - Salone Beats Festival 2013 - London, UK Sierra Leone’s most iconic afro beats singers Emmerson and Famous to perform to their demanding fans this

Thursday 27th December 2012 saw the Biggest Music Concert  of 2012 held at the National Stadium.  Fans from all over Sierra Leone  attended the Sierra Leonean Legend Emmerson and

Emmerson, one of Sierra Leone’s most recognised musicians is about to release his new music video, Slow Wine from his latest album Arise Child of lef am so. Directed