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Emmerson was right – Freetown residents confess

Emmerson was right – Freetown residents confess

Random interviews conducted by this medium with residents in the east and central part of the city have revealed that Emmerson Bockarie’s  musical album ‘Yesterday beteh pass tiday’ was indeed true.

According to a petty trader, Subah Kamara, the Freetown City Council and the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources have proven the musical legend to be a prophet who says things that come to pass. His prophecy comes from a dispassionate point of view and not necessarily out of any political stand point. But those who thought politics determines one’s linkage misread Emmerson’s message from that stand point. His detractors argued that the young musician was too early or rather in haste to come out with an album to poke at the Ernest Bai Koroma’s government too soon. For them, Emmerson was too eager to expose the new government but only succeeded in raising the political tempo at the time.

Shortly after that album, things began to prove themselves:

Advancing his point, Subah, the petty trader noted that in a press conference organised sometime a go by the Freetown City Council, the mayor announced that council had ordered a spare part for the clock at the Clock Tower at the Eastern Police axis, something Emmerson had once hinted at; that the clock was  not giving correct time.

In the same vein, the multiple problems plaguing the operation of Bumbuna was clear indication that Bumbuna was stuck but the Government was hiding the truth from the citizens. Emmerson had prophesized it in his song.

Kosna Kargbo, a dealer in cosmetics observed that the rate at which tax was being levied on them confirms what the musical legend said that ‘money nor de flow’ while ‘tax de go high.’  In other words, if we should read Emmerson correctly, there are too many goods chasing less money.

On his part, a contractor, Dauda James, noted that he was one of those yearning for change, a positive change for that matter, but as condition now prevails, it seems his expectation will never be realized.

According to the contractor, up to now the Anti Corruption Commission has failed to make public the names and positions of people that have deliberately refused to declare their assets but as a contractor he can testify the number of houses that are in construction and those that have been completed.

However, from what people said in the interview, this time round, they will not be carried away by any sentiments. They now know that the music legend is not a political messiah, but a musician with a class and taste, unlike Innocent who is trying to gain political favour.

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  • Your article is an indication of the few Sierra leoneans that are still dealing with the dark days politics of the past. The Ernest Bai Koroma’s Government deserves to be praised. I mean praiseworthy for their concerted efforts in improving the lives of Sierra leoneans within the shortest period of time. Emmerson is a joker and he will ever remain to be a looser, I mean on both ends. You survey was rubbish.

    22nd July 2010
  • Your article is not only bais but dishonest to say that “Yesterday better pass tiday” True you conducted the survey the question is “Who were your target group?”

    21st July 2010
  • The only sad thing with negative salone man like you is that you are lost for good . What the APC party has achieved in this short time is not to be compared with your arrogant SLPP . For eleven years they run the country to nonsense . I will remind you again and again the street were filthy , the roads were tattered and dilapidated, the country was dark , you cant see light even when you bend down to watch in the tunnel, the guys were arrogant and the worst of it there is mendeism all over the place . So even Emmerson is a finish product because he is going mental and confused. The chicken went home to be roosted . Stop concocting lies about feedbacks and go and tell your people and your arrogant leaders, what is called development. Not just empty theatrical speeches from oxford or Harvard so called educated people. You can continue to sabotage and fool your south easterner lost follower but you can’t distract us . TIDAY BETTEH PASS YESTERDAY . Our president is trusted locally and internationally so we are proud of him . Remember business is not as usual.

    21st July 2010
  • This the fact.

    21st July 2010
  • Yeah right, any sane and honest Sierra Leonean would tell u that tiday betteh pas yesterday. In fact this government has achieved more than what the SLPP could not achieve in 11 years in power. This is not to say that there are still economic problems in the country that the government needs to overcome, but I think that they are headed in the right direction.

    21st July 2010

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