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Who blackmailed Christiana Bull?

Who blackmailed Christiana Bull?

Over the past few days, one of Sierra Leone’s most popular celebrities, Christiana Bull, has been the victim of blackmailing when a self made pornographic movie between the celebrity and her boyfriend Jonathan Bockarie was release across the country and the globe. (Photo: Christiana Bull and her boyfriend Jonathan Bockarie-Exclusive Press photo)

What is now worrying people around Sierra Leone is who released this dreadful 15 minute pornographic film of the beauty pageant star to the media?  Some section of the public are accusing Jonathan Bockarie, while other groups are of the belief that Christiana Bull released the film in order for her to be more popular to Sierra Leoneans, or is it the mystery caller of 077518238 who called C/B?

But in an interview given to the Exclusive newspaper Christiana Bull publicly denied releasing the 15 minute film to the media. Instead she accepted the fact that she recorded the said film but for their personal or private use. Miss Bull disclosed that she believes that Jonathan did not do it but someone stole the memory card from her boyfriend’s camera after he took the camera home, where he is living with his legally married wife.

Sierra Leone is a country where pornography is illegal and is deemed immoral. So to any ethical standards the release of this film is a crime in Sierra Leone. Before the release of this 15 minute pornographic film, the model celebrity reported that she had been receiving a mystery call from somebody she could not identify threatening her and informing her that in 48 hours she could be a mega star in Sierra Leone without telling how or who is this mystery caller.

Rather than sitting down and watching illegal acts spread across the city, an investigation into this blackmailing act to find out who is distributing this illegal media material and also who is the producer. The officer in charge of cyber crime prevention called this an immoral act which is not culturally and traditionally correct in society. The police he stated would find out the perpetrators and bring them to justice. “We are going to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice,” he said. Currently there is no prime suspect in the matter as investigations have only started.

The officer in charge, who remains to be anonymous, advised people to stop using their digital materials, camera, phones, computer recklessly because some might get access to it. Whether it is Jonathan or his wife, the mystery callers, or Christiana Bull who committed such crime, I believe that government should try to catch the perpetrators so that in the future films like these will not to be distributed freely across the country.

By Shanna Deen Cole

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  • Alfred we as Sierra Leoneans we do have one special quality in us which is to always forgive and forget and life goes on .Christiana Bull is just a victim of financial manipulation by Jonathan to do such acts under a live camera.Lets forgive her.

    31st August 2010
  • It is petty for God given body to be exposed just like that, how do you now look into the eyes of the society? Every where Christiana Bull this, that. Myself i fill guilty of looking into something that might to be secred. But who to blame? Christiana Bull, Jonathan, Techonogy, the society or the government, because people do things and go away with it.

    29th August 2010
  • Members of the fourth estate from Sierra Leone, I beg for us to have Cease Fire against Christiana Bull because her dignity has already been reduced to infinity not even a quarter of a decimal,due to the fact she acted against our moral values,She is our sister,daughter and model.

    8th August 2010
  • As far as am concern the person that broadcasted the pornography show is an enemy to black race. Why should he/ she do that? If I were him/her I would watch it over and over any time I want instead of broadcasting it to the world. Shame on the broadcaster for he doesn’t has respect for himself neither for the black.

    2nd August 2010
  • I know both Joe and Christiana and honestly it is no superise to me they both are underchievers in terms of education so if this is what they want to be then lets leave them alone and we focus on better things.
    Joe was my class mate at IPAM and he never made it beyond the first year he was rusticated after failing three times in year one.

    27th July 2010
  • Don’t we as Sierra-leoneans have better things like the “ecomomy” to focus on? Let her be. The real problem here is the person who posted what was suppose to be a private video on the net. As Africans we could be very wicked to one another. Why? Nobody deserves this kind of treatments. This is an issue for Mr. Bockarie and his Family to handle. Please stop all posting of her on the net. Have some conscience. She has a Daughter and thats not something you want her to hear or see.

    26th July 2010
  • If I understand the article right, does this mean the boyfriend of this girl was cheating on his legally married wife?

    Perhaps both Christiana Bull and her boyfriend should be arrested for producing such video if this is against the law. They are both adult and responsible for their actions. I therefore cannot understand why the distributor should be hold responsible. Obviously producing a porno video was more important than her reputation hence why she did.

    25th July 2010
  • Police please go ahead with your investigation,but dont leave that guy behind that recorded the film to cd plate.

    22nd July 2010
  • I wil like the police to arest the guy that recorded the film in a cd plate,he should know more about it.Why he recorded it? Let him explain.

    22nd July 2010

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