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Confusing the Presidency

Confusing the Presidency

Sierra Leone has always been faced with one big problem, the problem of leadership, a problem that comes every way into the peculiar factors responsible for the stagnation in the country’s growth and development.

As it is often said, it is a heartrending thing for a man to have a good head but that the rest of his body seems to be nothing but rotten bits of hanging frailties that tend to be of no help but to leeches that impair the very existence of the self.

That is what many people perceive Ernest Bai Koroma and his government to be. In countless number of times, people have made certain that the leadership in Koroma is a genuine one, having the people and country at heart but have invariably not minced to say that those behind Ernest Koroma are the very fortress of the problems the government and the people of this country are facing.

By the current prevalence of things, the Koroma Government is losing hold of its own very self and as such be conveniently seen as failing its very self despite the many talks of the “Brazilian Team” that was going to rescue this country from the many woes that blight its growth and development.

Many of the mighty men have fallen, fallen from the course and clarion cry of the president and government as per their manifesto in the 2007 campaigns to clinch statehood in the country.

This is a very sad episode in the Ernest Koroma venture but is very much of grave public interest implication more so when the president and his cabinet were not elected to add to the already more than ten wasted years that took us from the dark days of the NPRC to the oblivious reign of the Sierra Leone Peoples party.

Whilst we would want to see these arrant mishaps as adding to our plight, much to discredit of the leadership charisma of President Koroma and his team; we do not want to entirely give up on the hope (some of which still hangs in the air unharvested). This truthfulness of the assumption though may only be actuated if  and only if at this stage the president and team get to learn fast and accept the fact that radical reforms have to be embraced.

Firstly, this Brazilian team has to be vetted, bringing in the more needed players that will dribble the success of the country. The notion of maintaining friends and kinsmen for the sake of party and regional affinities must also die with the now very embarrassing scenario facing the president and government.

The president should also be seen coming through for his pronouncements. If there must not be any sacred cow in the issue of the fight against corruption, then everything that stands in the way of such development must be trashed by the president himself avoiding rumors  of paying lip service to the  course of zero tolerance on corruption.

By Torju Gondama

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