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The Fatal Death of Lord Bongo Johnson and Spouse

The Fatal Death of Lord Bongo Johnson and Spouse

Godfrey Manley-Spain (in photo), fondly known among Sierra Leoneans as ‘Lord Bongo Johnson,’ was found dead through strangulation in his Mesquite home in the early hours of Monday, 19th July, 2010, a few hours after fatally killing his spouse, Claudio, with whom he had shared the home for over 15 years. Together, they have two adorable children, Godfrey and Elizabeth (Baby Love).

According to a reliable family source, the incident of these tragic deaths of Lord Bongo and his partner, Claudia, happened during a 30-day separation notice for Bongo Johnson to vacate the residence he had shared with Claudia all these years. Sources say that an issue was made by the Mesquite Police Department following reports issued by Claudia saying that she no longer wanted to continue with their relationship. Lord Bongo Johnson’s last day in the house was Sunday July 18th according to the same source.

Although Claudia’s reason for wanting to break the relationship with Bongo Johnson was as a result of a never-ending disagreement at home (which sometimes led to domestic violence abuse), yet other sources strongly maintain that unfaithfulness and jealousy was at the center of this sad end. The story unfolds this way:

Claudia, the deceased, had helped a gentleman (name withheld) to migrate into the United States only for her to be sidelined in favor of another lady that she had rivaled with way back in Freetown. As it is always the pathetic case of Sierra Leonean marriages in the United States, the said gentleman has separated with his wife and is believed to be currently going through a divorce proceeding. Somehow, somewhere the ‘old fire wood’ relationship reignited. There was reconciliation between the said gentleman and the deceased lady, Claudia, which many believed would have taken them to the altar.

Claudia Johnson

Claudia Johnson

The late Lord Bongo, who had a firsthand knowledge of his spouse’s outside relationship, realizing how fast he was losing the battle for Claudia’s heart to the other guy, became determined to win her back. But nothing that he did seemed to matter anymore for truly, Claudia had gone out of his life more than he realized or was willing to accept.

This intense and unhealthy rivalry was characterized by frequent physical struggles, verbal expletives and exchanges of telephone calls between Lord Bongo and the said gentleman. It got to the point that, the outside friend occasionally would call the home threatening that he was ready to marry Claudia, the source confirmed Bongo Johnson’s complaints.

Bongo Johnson’s frustration to him, had no solution but to go down this tragic route. We learnt that he did inform his closest friends about what he was enduring. One of the sources revealed that Bongo Johnson asked him to give him a courtesy call frequently. The source further advised him to be reading his Bible and praying every day. During one of their conversations, Bongo said ‘my brother, the Bible is in my hand right now.  ‘His response was quite emotional according to the source.  But communication ceased between them during the past two weeks until the source heard a telephone call at 1:00 am on Monday, July 19th, with a message left in his voicemail of the voice of someone screaming, fire oh fire!,  Bongo Johnson and Claudia are dead.

According to another report, both Claudia and Bongo appeared in a friend’s residence at the end of June. Claudia first appeared in the house telling the host with a frightening voice that Bongo wants to kill me mama.  The host, mesmerized asked, For what? I told him I don’t want him again, Claudia responded. Fifteen minutes or so later, Lord Bongo appeared, crawling on the floor, with his hands on his head, weeping seriously whilst appealing to the host for help. Mama, Claudia is ready to kick me out of the house because of her boyfriend,  Bongo said.  The host gave them motherly advice and asked them to look into the children they have and encouraged them to exercise patience with one another.  They returned home with no positive hope of a deal in favor of Lord Bongo. All the pieces of advice and pleas given to them fell on deaf ears. The path was created for destiny to take its course.

After a 911 call was first placed concerning the disappearance of Lord Bongo and Claudia, the response was that the police cannot do anything until after 24 hours of their disappearance. It was at that point that someone insisted that they go directly to the Mesquite Police station and report their concerns and suspicions.

Upon their arrival at the police station, an order was issued to surveillance the home, and if possible to forcefully enter the house. The police broke into the house and the original 911 caller’s suspicions and fears were confirmed. The corpses were discovered in the house. According to Fox local news, Lord Bongo died through hanging and the lady was strangled to death. Evidences from the home showed that there were some forms of physical battle before their deaths.

Bogo and Dandogo

Bogo and Dandogo

By Christian Foday Sesay & Sanpha Sesay, Texas Correspondents

More news on the unfortunate demise of our loved ones to follow.

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  • The proof is in the pudding. He loved you so much that he used you as a open door mat. And a banker. Cheryl I’ve never been to your apartment. It doesn’t matter what you write or say. The fact is he used you until death to do his dirty work such as finding phone numbers to call me after our divorce. You see he never wanted you. He USED you to get what he wanted. Because after anyone with any since found him out you were his only place to go because you took his abruse. That got you off. I will not dignify anymore of your remarks because you are a ho. OMG who will use you next? Let’s see Tom; Dick; Harry. LOL THE JOKES ON YOU. Oh let me give you your correct title Queen Ho!!!!lol! Enjoy..I will enjoy reading your dumb stuff. Keep it coming. I’m done. I have a life. And it doesn’t consist of you and your ramblings. HA; HA. Oh bye the way since you care so much PAY FOR HIS BURIAL AND SHOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIM! SMILE! You paid for everything else. Bye! Bye!

    7th August 2010
  • Godfrey divorced that crazy lady and I have the divorce papers. He didn’t tell her anything because she stayed in the hospital all the time and didn’t wasn’t him to associate with us. What kind of woman meets a man on the phone, catches a bus to dallas at her expense, stays over might and drives him back to nashville the next day . Godfrey said she is crazy. She came to our apartment looking for him…

    6th August 2010
  • @Daarina, you mentioned earlier that u do not like Godfrey, could u please tell us why?

    @Joan, thank very much for coming out because most people like to hide the truth.

    People stop living in the past this is the 21 century. Exodus 20 V 15 “You shall not murder”

    5th August 2010
  • May their souls rest in perfect peace. They are gone forever, whatever stories following their death, is a LION STORY cuz the two deceased had gone with the truth.

    5th August 2010
  • Hi Joan:

    Praise the Lord for saving your life. You are a real woman and should be commended. God bless you for speaking the truth. The stories told are so untrue and I am glad a woman of dignity as yourself had come forward to tell the truth about this man. It is time for all those who are in these types of relationship to reflect and take drastic action to save your own lives. May the good Lord bless the children and forgive them for their father’s sin. I would not give a dime to bury a killer either – especially the killer of his children’s mother. It is appalling that his friends are asking people for money for his burial – he should be buried in secrecy for his evil deeds. He had no talent as he had not used it in over 20 years. Where are your priorities Sierra Leoneans? Stop living in the past, move forward – a killer is a killer is a killer.

    5th August 2010
  • I was married to Godfrey Manley-Spain. And we lived in Nashville TN. He was very abrusive to me and I had to deal with his lies and other women(Claudia and Cheryl). I have proof of our marriage. Not bragging but if you are going to tell the story tell it correctly. I had to have him evicted from our home because of the abuse and arrested. I didn’t mind Claudia calling regarding the children and support. But later I realized it was her wanting him back. I found out about Cherly on the phone bill of our cellular service.

    I feel so very sorry for Godfrey Jr and Elizabeth. So for a lifetime let’s pray for the babies. That God will give them peace in the midst of the storm.

    Godfrey had many faces. Yes he loved to go to Church and ask for prayer. No there was no love in our relationship because he was a liar. And he played everyone. But he truely loved his Children.

    I pray for you all that he played for years…I’m glad I got off the merry-go-round of horror!

    No I will not donate a penny to bury him.

    3rd August 2010
  • i am not saying or defening him or his actions…i am simply asking that u leave my mother alone. she has been thrust into a situation that she did not ask for. I don’t believe in killing yourself and he will go to hell for what he has done. I know these children and i hurt so bad for them, with the reality that their lives have been torn apart by the actions of a truly selfish and cowardly act. I am simply asking that u not attack my mother for the feelings that she has. She is not wrong for being in a state of awe. No one in my family wants to “justify” what he did, because in all reality it could’ve been my mother. Like i have previously stated, i did not like godfrey. Please just leave her alone, she’s hurting right now. Sometimes when we are in a state of grief we fail to see the whole picture let her have her memories and do what she needs to heal.

    30th July 2010
  • WOW… What a twist, to think someone would try to play the victim, after two people were killed… Cheryl Anderson and daughter Daarina, whether what kind of Man u thought he was or was to u, the fact of the matter is he killed a woman and himself, over who knows what, only God knows…! If he was a real Man and didn’t want to be in that situation he would of left 13yrs ago… Both of u r sitting here trying to justify the situation when u all should b thanking God u two were not the victims…! May God bless Claudia’s babies and her family bc indeed they need strong individuals to surround them with Love…!

    30th July 2010
  • Cheryl Anderson: Your entire story sound like a false accusation, however, it may possibly true. There are several dumb women that sideline to another woman. Rather he was married to Claudia or not, doesnt make the actions he chose to be correct so what is your point of bringing up any of this information? I can answer that question for myself, there is no reason for you to bring it up now. That “text” that he sent you, why post it? There is no proof that the “text” was from him or that it was sent to you. Under no circumstances, should a man or woman’s life be taken. No matter what country and/or religion they may come from. Wrong is wrong and this innocent woman’s life should have never been taken. I’ve read different articles and heard some many different stories and the real issue is the children that will have to live with no mother and no father. I am disgusted by the fact that so many people are worried about who is at fault between the two deceased. A fund is being put together to bury a murderer. Where is the fund to raise these innocent children? Why aren’t college funds being organized for this children to get the proper education that their mother had been clearly working for them to have. No one is perfect and both were in the wrong for living together as a married couple. No one is perfect, however, THE REAL CONCERN SHOULD BE THE CHILDREN!

    29th July 2010
  • sorry to hear that this happened , due to my religious faith , i can only contribute towards Claudia’s fund if avaliable ,otherwise i do believed that taken some one’s life and yours is sinful. God bless us all .

    29th July 2010
  • sorry to hear what happened , dont mind with contributing for Claudia if a special fund open just for her , it is my belief that when you take one’s life and yours my religious faith will not allow me to be part of it . Sorry but with due respect let me know what ever i can do to help with Claudia’s . GOD BLESS US ALL .

    29th July 2010
  • ok first of all that is my mother(Cheryl Anderson)…i know for a fact that the only reason he lived with her is b/c she would allow him to get away with the things that the other would…period point blank while u people are in this shangrila about ur “lord bongo” i know the real man…i know that he lived with my mother for many years while he supposedly was to be “happy” with “mrs. johnson”…realize that…next we all know that african men are crazy and this is not the first case of murder or attempted murder because they are not getting their way…now they are both dead..for whatever reason people loved them and u the reader did not know how they lived…please give people the room they need to grieve in the manner that they see fit…u will not fault my mother for grieving for godfrey just as i would expect u to find no fault with the man who is grieving for claudia…just handle the situation with the respect u would want bestowed upon u or any of your loved ones…now u may attack me with gusto but leave my mother alone!

    25th July 2010
  • After reading through the history of both people they where mourdered(killed)
    The Police of Sierra Leone lack the capability as a professional force to investigete. Thats the way we think in Europe.The police must ask friends, people around them, families workfriend, church members etc

    22nd July 2010
  • Who are u exposing ? What planet are u frm anyway woman…now i see y he held on to u for 13yrs Miss Dumber….they were together for 15 yrs for crying out loud jeez!!! Read on common-law..and stop all this scandalous nonsense and let the families mourn the loss of their loved ones….May their souls RIP..and may God grant their children that peace which passeth all understanding…Ask for u cheryl snap out of lala land!!!

    22nd July 2010
  • Cheryl Anderson,is wrecking someone’s home something you have to be proud of? In the first place he was giving false hope because if he is really in love with you he will say to hell with everything and move in with you,but he stood there because he was hoping the situation will turn around. Did you get the picture? I was in that same situation I had to run for my life. Go back and read you shameless comment. Sierra Leonean women we can do better that. Next time do not allow any many to put you in that kind loser position.

    22nd July 2010
  • he was never married .. You are a bunch of liars and I am exposing you!

    21st July 2010
  • Cheryl Anderson u have no shame in your game dating a married man for 13 yrs!!!! if he was only there for the children maybe u shld have left him alone for the children too…but i guess not u were ready to be a stepmom…homewrecker!!!! God punish u and u have the guts to post his text message to u….u r so dumb who told u he had an immigration problem ??? he needed a place to stay after the seperation with his wife coz its obvious he was gonna be left out on the streets so girl go figure….Lastly if he was so much into u he wld not strangle her and then hang himself its pretty obvious u were just being used for the past 13 yrs wot a shame. My advise to u for next time plz stay away frm married men…Go fen u yone ehn lef people man dem. As for Bongo and wife its a shame a very disgraceful and sad ending their children scarred for life.

    21st July 2010
  • The last texts:
    Godfrey to me
    show details Jul 17 (4 days ago)

    Am just patiently waiting for her damn car to get out of Toyota so she can give me the green car. Ive been here forever doing all type of house work. I deserve something when am leaving. Knowing her if I leave she won’t give Me a damn thing. Please please please be patient wit me I know now that am moving, my stuff r wit u. I have no cloths here am just waiting for time. I know its hard for u I need to come wit something instead of empty hands….yes am very depressed being here by my self wit no ride.
    Reply Forward

    21st July 2010
  • No he was not employed. He had an immigration problem, which led me to agree to let him live with me.

    21st July 2010
  • I was Godfrey’s girlfriend for 13 years, this article is full of falsehood. I am currently in possession of all his clothes, passport, everything. Godfrey was only there for the children and didnot want to be there. He had done so much for her he did not want to leave empty handed. He was waiting for her to get her car out of the shop and he would take the aunt’s car that had been signed over to Claudia. Shame on you for creating this false picture.

    21st July 2010
  • Was Lord Bongo working at any time during his stay with Claudia?

    21st July 2010
  • For Immediate Release: July 21, 2010
    For More Information: Donald Nat-George, 214-606-1056, dandogo@tx.rr.com / Joseph Betts, 240-508-2820, bettsjoseph@gmail.com
    Official Statement by The Professionals on Lord Bongo
    July 21, 2010 (Washington, DC) – “The members of The Professionals are in utter disbelief and deeply saddened by the turn of events as it relates to our brother Godfrey Manley-Spain (aka Lord Bongo). The details of this tragedy in no way align with the childhood friend and brother that we knew for over twenty years. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Haggerty and Anthony Families and the children.”
    The Members of The Professionals

    The Professionals have established a Trust Fund for the children. For more information on making donations to the trust fund and/or burial please contact Donald Nat-George (Dandogo) at (214) 606-1056 or by emailing him at dandogo@tx.rr.com Or, contact Joseph Betts (Pa Bangura) at (240) 508-2820 or by emailing bettsjoseph@gmail.com

    21st July 2010