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Development: Ernest Vs Kabbah

Development: Ernest Vs Kabbah

As much as not all would not want to agree with the fact that the Koroma government has succeeded in satisfying the expectations of the vast masses of Sierra Leoneans, one cannot also divorce the truth that it has not made the difference that was not their in recent past regimes.

We are well into the promised 36 months the president staked to prove to the nation that he is ready to serve, ready to deliver and make the difference that wasn’t ever there.

More than commendable is the fact that the Koroma government has been able to tell Sierra Leoneans that five years is enough to make sufficient input in the areas of infrastructure and economic and governance reforms to make one eligible for re-election to a second political calendar.

Road projects throughout the country are meeting speedy fulfillment, this alone is to say that the Koroma government has its priorities right in the areas of the implementation of development programmes that work. The difference is, the past regime, the Tejan Kabbah led SLPP government never had its development priorities right and as such could not get to achieve any particular set objective for many such objectives were scattered about with no particular conclusiveness.

This did not get the Kabbah government to finish the Bumbuna Hydro Electric Project. It never paid heed to taking one project and bringing it fusion. This is evident in the fact that the food security drive of the Kabbah government was a deep fraud as it was by all indication marred with insincerity. Budgets allocated to the then food security programme were the most minimal even though it claimed to be the flagship project of the then government.

In sharp contrast though, we all saw how the Ernest Koroma government made it top priority to bring electricity to the city of Freetown and speedily attained it even though unsteadily, a feat that was never and was not going to be a reality for the Kabbah government. The unfinished road projects all over the country never stopped when the Koroma government took over and more are being endorsed and facilitated.

It has been long times since we last heard of late payment of salaries, teachers strike and employment cuts that of add more salt to the injury of the already depraved economic situation in the country. Most of these ill happenings that no longer exist are what characterized the Tejan Kabbah government.

A few areas though need to be worked on in the Koroma development endeavour.  Education and agriculture need to be given priority as they are the ultimate solution to the primary and felt needs of the country’s overall development. Political tolerance may also be a slight problem that needs to be improved upon.

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  • Under President Koroma Sierra Leone has achieved the lowest human development Index rank in the world. Food prices and prices of other basic commodities have soared, the Leone has diminished significantly in value and political instability followed immediately after Koroma’s inauguration with APC supporters attacking SLPP supporters. Koroma’s administration has been riddled in corruption with senior government officials implicated of being involved in drug trafficking. Unemployment is high, inflation is high and development has been meager, it is absurd for anyone to claim Koroma has done a better job.

    11th August 2010
  • I see Mr. Joseph Sesay wishes the SLPP regime should have had Four Terms of the Kabba Administration. However, where term limits have been instituted, and governments are judged by their output when elections come, I see no reason why Joseph cries over split milk. He knows very well when the proverbial milk is spilled, it can no longer be consumed even if sucked from the dirt it was spilled.

    Okay, let us give Kabba credit for spending 11 years bringing peace to Sierra Leone. even as we know 5 of those years (2002 to 2007)were peaceful. President Koroma has been in office barely THREE years, so Mr. Sesay must solve the following equation if this does not want be considered a comedian.

    (11p – 5w)K less than or equal to (5yt-3yp)E. What is E?

    Solve for P=Peace and P=Progress, W=war and were yt is year term and yp is year progress and W = War. Solve for E=Ernest.

    22nd July 2010
  • peace , reconciliation, rehabilitation for good odd 11 years. That is not enough . Sound country to your benefit I presume not in the thought of the general populace. If, has you said the country was in sound footing why did the international committee have to shy away from the country in the SLPP reign ?. Something was stinking..The Country was in total darkness . The SLPP was moving without travelling .That adds up your calculations.

    22nd July 2010
  • Hi, I am completely confused on which bench mark the author is using to compare and contrast the Tejan Kabbah era and that of present Ernest Koroma’s era.We can only talk about development in the mist of peacen but at war the first priority is peace which i believed was Tejan Kabbah’s number and he should be credited with that.AFter you rehabilitate, reconstruct and reconcile which was priority two for Tejan.The sierra Leone situation was a number like mathematics where you have to move from the negative before you get to zero and then move to the positive.As i usually say, our president Ernest Bai Koroma inherited a sound country that should have seen better progress than where we are, but alas he has alot of dead woods in his cabinet hence the abysmal performance.
    Joseph P.R. China

    21st July 2010

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