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Dr. Banya’s SLPP, even on ‘Political Life Support’ still shakes its tail!

Dr. Banya’s SLPP, even on ‘Political Life Support’ still shakes its tail!

It is always very entertaining to see Dr. Banya, on his New people Online propaganda Tabloid, struggling to convince Sierra Leoneans that the SLPP still has what it takes to make our lives better. It doesn’t surprise me because the old man still has the same mindset which underestimates the ability of the people of Sierra Leone, including the supporters of the SLPP, to tell the difference between constructive political endeavors and deceptive meanderings to brainwash and distract the people of a very promising nation like Sierra Leone. (Photo: Brima M. Turay)

In Dr. Banya’s contribution to the New People Online tabloid, titled ‘THE SLPP OPPOSITION- A THORN IN THE FLESH OF THE APC’ he started by lamenting their loss, from the SLPP to the APC, of the Honorable Moijueh Kaikai, the current APC minister of Labour and Industrial relations. Dr. Banya also stated that the reason Minister Kaikai gave for switching to the APC was that the SLPP was ‘not focused on its agenda.’ This is truer today as it was yesterday. I wonder why Dr. Banya could not see the truth in this statement when he attempted to defend the validity of this statement by saying that ‘The SLPP party was not only well focused but one that had a vision for this country for the next 25 years’.

I wonder what vision Dr. Banya is referring to! Is it the vision to continue to subject this nation to another twenty five year of abuse and neglect? One of the most unfortunate statements ever made by Dr. Banya is this one: ‘We have persistently retorted that in their own hearts the APC and its propagandists must know that WE WERE CHEATED ON THE RESULTS by Christiana Thorpe’. This is one of the greatest insults by Dr. Banya to the Sierra Leonean people who judiciously made the decision to change course and to the International Community which oversaw and supervised the elections.

Why can’t the honorable Sama Banya understand that the SLPP lost the 2007 elections because they lost focus of its political stewardship of our nation? Why is it difficult for him to understand this fact? Well, maybe the simplest answer is that the honorable Sama Banya was born with a silver spoon which had been crafted by our nation and handed down to him on a silver platter. He could not see beyond the sweetness of his life in Sierra Leone and therefore judge people selfishly and with total disregard for their pain and sufferings brought about by the failed economic policies of the SLPP party, of which Dr. Banya is disappointingly one of the participants.

I will not disrespect you, Dr. Banya, but I will continue to point out such selfish motives by you to leave behind a legacy of divide and rule and a calculated attempt to pull the curtain of deceit over the eyes of the great unsuspecting Mende people of the East and Southern regions of our great nation. The Mende people and indeed, most supporters of the SLPP, clearly understand what good leadership and national development means. They have always known the shortcomings of the SLPP and I don’t think they are prepared to continue to patronize your poor handling of our nation’s future and governance in the name of tribal affiliation. It should not therefore surprise you that as I write this article, we see scores of our great brothers and sisters in the SLPP switching over to the APC. The people want to see results and we continue to constantly show them such results as we endeavour to improve the quality of our health, electricity, agriculture, education, roads, civil liberty and infrastructural sectors.

Dr. Banya, in his attempt to discredit our Minister of Education, Dr. Minkailu Bah, had this to say:

“The Minister of education Minkailu Bah has tried to dismantle all that Alpha Wurie had put together but has achieved nothing other than that he being a human being is spending all his energy in chasing GHOSTS- Ghost schools, ghost teachers, ghost school inspectors, ghost college buildings, ghost ADB and IDB projects”.

I want Dr. Banya to save himself the embarrassment by simply bringing himself to the realization that if his party, the SLPP, had not created these “Ghosts” within our educational system, Dr. Minkailu Bah would not have been spending his precious time trying to eliminate these anomalies. We are merely trying to reverse all the structures that your party created as a ploy to exploit the nation of its resources from the International community/donor organizations meant to improve the quality of our ailing educational system. If the SLPP were not busy grabbing and sharing our national resources amongst themselves like a birthday cake, we would have been better equipped than we are today.

Dr. Banya also had this to say:

“Most members and supporters of the APC had hoped and expected that the SLPP would, by now be disorganized, demoralized and in a confused state so as not to matter any longer”.

It is unfortunate that Dr. Banya would not see how disorganized his SLPP has become when the party could not even identify a credible flag-bearer and now has more than ten people aspiring to the leadership for the 2012 elections. He would not see how demoralized the SLPP has become when their focus has been relegated to defending the very distasteful legacy that they left behind; and using propaganda to discredit the Koroma administration and chase away our good donors and investors. He would not see how confused the SLPP has become when they kept making reference to the current developments in the country as merely a foundation that they had laid and upon which the Koroma administration is building and taking the credit.

What else can Dr. Banya understand other than his fruitless attempts to brainwash our good people in the South and East into believing that only the SLPP can save our nation and put us on the road to everlasting progress. Please Dr. Banya, the people of the East and South, and indeed, the entire Sierra Leone, deserve better. We, in the APC, have developed the culture of showing the people and giving them what they rightly deserve from us. We will continue to focus on that project until you and your kind could bring yourself to understand that you are rapidly losing the trust and confidence once reposed on you by our suffering people.

Brima M. Turay, Asst. PRO; APC North America

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