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July 2018

The Government Transitional Team report (GTT), is out and President Bio has promised to implement the recommendations of the 124-page report. President Bio has directed the Attorney General and Minister of justice to establish a

SLPP GOVERNMENT SELLS SIERRA LEONE FOR CHICKEN CHANGE This is an undeniable fact that President Bio’s government is not seeking the general welfare of the self-evident Sierra Leoneans who are severely suffering from affording even our

The first one hundred (100) days of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Government of President Julius Maada Bio saw inflation of basic food commodities which has resulted to high level of hunger, constitutional violation,

As the current leadership of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), and the Independent Media Commission (IMC), continue to work relentlessly to instil discipline, professionalism and accountability into the country’s media landscape, the attention

Hundreds of members of the Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union (SLITHU) has pledged their unflinching support to the first elected President of the union, Field Marshall Professor General Dr. Alhaji Sulaiman Kabba (in photo)

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Solomon Thomas Segepoh (in photo) of Constituency 089 Bonthe district, on Tuesday 10th July 2018, commended the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) party as constructive. He made that recommendation during

Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Health and Sanitation, Hon. Moses Brima Jokie (in photo) representing Constituency 091 Bonthe District has expressed dissatisfaction over the alarming rate of 1.5 Million people affected by HIV/Aids

The Jorg Wolf Foundation through the New Apostolic Church Mission Aid (NACMA) has concluded a nationwide distribution of food items and non-food items to different poor and hard- to -reach communities in the country. The

The much vaunted and long awaited GTT report is out. In the meantime, we have seen a lot of political and social commentators take to the media, to express their views and rightly so. Some

Dallas, Texas, USA; July 13, 2018. This year, nine exceptional individuals employed in various professions and ten high school graduates were recognized by the Association of Sierra Leonean Organizations in Texas (ASLOT) for their academic

It  is but a normal phenomenon that the people of Sierra Leone are eagerly waiting to peruse the excruciating stories this misdirected new direction that is heading to the doom are now putting together to

There is a common proverb which says coming events cast their shadows. This is a mere act of betrayal and contempt to the people of this country just in time to meet up the 100

SLPP’S IBRAHIM KONDOH CAUSES SIERRA LEONE ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT    A complaint has been filed by Mr. Ibrahim Vicco Kondoh to the Africa Union and the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Ministry over a disputed child involving himself and

The Management of the privately owned corporate oil marketing company, National Petroleum Sierra Leone, has refuted a statement that was recently made by the current SLPP State House Press Secretary, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi (in photo),

The role of a Member of Parliament in a multi-party democracy is to help the Central Government to enact laws including enacting laws that will encourage a friendly investment environment in the country, and paramount