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100+ days into SLPP’S Misrule – Sierra Leone On A Slippery Slope

100+ days into SLPP’S Misrule – Sierra Leone On A Slippery Slope

It  is but a normal phenomenon that the people of Sierra Leone are eagerly waiting to peruse the excruciating stories this misdirected new direction that is heading to the doom are now putting together to brainwash them. It is indeed an elaboration of the obvious to continuously emphasize on the prevailing hardship that is rampant in every facet within our country. Difficulties ranging from our staple food, inferior commodities and even substitutes have now got an edge in the market, to the basic needs of livelihood (food, shelter and clothing). We are pretty sure that quite a good number of Sierra Leoneans will agree with this medium that to afford a meal per day is a major challenge most households are faced with, but yet still there are some hardhearted and fastidious politicians who are now in their habitual activities deceiving the inexperienced and uninformed populace with their cheap and thunderstruck slogan of regime change whilst misusing the natural resources endowed for the common man to benefit from. (Photo: President Julius Maada Bio)

The word “witch hunt” is now a colloquial expression among the Grassroots as this SLPP PAOPA administration is conveniently utilizing, all in the name of setting the records straight, drawing the line of tribalism and regionalism, biased summary dismissal of diligent civil servants of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) based on their political affiliation and those of other conglomerates, illegal dismissals of the prolific ACC Boss upon unexpired tenure on his contract, the SALPOST Managing Director, the Immigration Officer as the list goes on. One might want to preempt an argument that civil servants should not be partisan but please can someone give at least the names of five (5) civil servants who did not take side either publicly or secretly during the 2018 presidential and general elections. Virtually none simply because we know the present political dynamics in this country of ours and we are quite aware of what we are capable of doing. It is eminent that according to the codes of conducts of most government institutions, civil servants should not play active roles in politics owing to the simple fact that they public servants but the points we are accelerating here is very unambiguous. This SLPP government that is popular for human rights abuse and for maltreating her nationals with impunity has desperately sacked quite a good number of civil servants and instrumental national players based on hatred, vengeance and for seeing them as threats. But why are the likes of Sahr Jusu, Mathew Dingie, JJ Saffa and others who were actively financing the SLPP whilst in opposition are not sacked? So this PAOPA administration is now taking Sierra Leoneans who vigorously voted them in for granted. Or is it because there is a wide spread grapevine taking the lead that president Bio had made an outburst in one of his presentations that he is a one-term president. Implicitly, he does whatever he desires and after his tenure he will quietly take his exit.

The innocent lives that were wasted coupled with people’s properties that were carted away in the South East after the announcement of the Presidential Run-off election clearly qualifies this regime as JUNTADEMOCRACY. To substantiate this fact, most of the Human rights abuses that occurred during that illegitimate era have completely replicated now. Our elected Honourable Members of parliament were treated like scavengers first in the History of our forefathers. Suppressing them with hostile standing orders with the presence of the police from executing their parliamentary functions, have been the present order of the day at the well of parliament under the leadership of the controversial Speaker. The 100 days do not worth its salt and this government is trying to outsmart the intelligence of the people by attempting to distract their attention with this thing of a report named the GTT report which most people are now registering their votes of no confidence on due to its unlimited flaws. The masses are still urging this corrupt regime that is playing gimmick with national issues of relevance to continue updating them with at least the monthly revenue generated as they started two (2) or more weeks in governance.

The people of this nation are persistently registering their dissatisfactions with the fluctuating electricity supply after this government has reminded them of the days of “Kabba Tiger”, acute shortage of clean and purified water, massive increase in the rate of prostitution as a result of financial lopsidedness among the growing population, adverse fluctuation in the exchange rates of foreign currencies especially the United States Dollars (USD),the unavoidable increase in the fuel price as a result of the unflinching pressure on this government by the IMF in pursuing  their selfish interest at the detriment of the average Sierra Leoneans especially at this crucial economic situation. This medium has come to the realization that the pitiless wish of the IMF to have increased the fuel price by the former president Koroma’s government was the main reason for their defiance to promote that past regime that was so considerate with the Grassroots.

Conclusively, where are the civil society activists that were hyper –active during the leadership of former president Koroma? What could one expect them to do after they have successfully actualized their set objective that they were substantially paid for by their employers? It is the naked truth that our civil society activists have changed to praise singers- the act of praise singing. Indeed the change has come to catapult the suffering of the people of Sierra Leone to its climax and it is now clear that Bio’s one hundred days has left Sierra Leone hanging on Slippery Slope.

In treaty with the aforementioned realities, patriots could agree with the people that the 100 days of president Bio’s government has woefully failed this nation. What next?


By: Allieu Lamin Kamara

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