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April 2011

Franklin Township in Somerset New Jersey where April 27 has been proclaimed as “Sierra Leone Day” will be agog with festivity on Saturday April 23, 2011 to commemorate fifty years of Sierra Leone’s existence as

Popular Nigerian artist, Chinedu Okoli aka Flavour, has appealed for the bond between Nigeria and Sierra Leone to be strengthened. The ‘Waka Waka Baby’ star, who is scheduled to perform in Sierra Leone during the country’s

It may go without saying that Sierra Leone’s ability to take its rightful place in the global market place largely depends on its ability to nurture at the top, selfless leaders—leaders who not only have

This question has been exercising the minds of many residents of the capital for weeks now. In addition to the many problems buffeting the FCC, this press has learnt that it is two months running without

Twenty-five or so journalists from across Africa have ended a two-day conference in Mombasa, Kenya organized by AMISOM (African Mission in Somalia). The journalists were drawn from what is referred to as troops contributing countries,

Investigators attached to Eastern Police Station are having sleepless nights trying to uncover an armed robbery attack on Sierra Leone’s Deputy Ambassador to Kuwait, Sheik Nabbie. Police sources indicate that Ambassador Nabbie was attacked and robbed

Most Sierra Leoneans are yet to discern the new slogan attached to this country’s golden jubilee, marking her 50th independence anniversary. It is simply thus: ‘Celebrating a New Sierra Leone’. Many would be obliged to ask

Boy aged 10 Sunday 17th commits suicide at his home at Mayemi east of Freetown. Steven Alie, a school pupil of the Sierra Leone Muslim Community Primary tied his throat with a rope and hung himself

A school teacher of the Municipal Secondary School has been netted by the police for allegedly taking part in the trade of cocaine. A sizeable number of teachers of the Municipal Secondary School this past

A local Civil Society organization, the Foundation for Democratic Initiative and Development (FDID), has unveiled two billboards to highlight the problem of drugs and violence in our society with the inscription: “TAKE A STAND! SAY

The UN rent hose Sonkor-Sonkor Dis is unbelievable ya! The United Nations which serves as role model the world over, surprised Mr. Express news about its refusal to pay rent for a house it rented to

As a way of bringing members of the Fourth Estate together, the Friends of Africell in the Media organized a football gala as the official opening of Umara Fofana’s Trophy brought SWASL a narrow victory

Now that the golden jubilee celebration of our nation is here at our doorsteps, are we ready as a nation to welcome it with open arms and open minds?  (Photo: Dr. Augustine Kamara, author) The fever

Rosenborg Soccer’s historically bad start continues for yet another downturn in Fredrikstad, it was Sierra Leonean midfielder Khalifa Jabbie’s second goal increase for Rosenborg’s poor start to the Tippeligaen season, which ended 2-0 Monday night. 

London, UK - A gang of con men stole more than £2m from the Olympic Development Authority by pretending to work for a building firm, a court has heard. The fraudsters said they worked for a