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The UN rent hose Sonkor-Sonkor

Dis is unbelievable ya! The United Nations which serves as role model the world over, surprised Mr. Express news about its refusal to pay rent for a house it rented to Landlord Femi Bay.

Mr. Express was shocked to be told that the UN unbelievable holds to unpaid US$ 337,500 rent.

To Sierra Leoneans, it is seemingly an indication that United Nations in this country is becoming tiny despite the wealth it professed having “Aw would the UN have to declare it assets before knowing it is practicing corruption somehow?”

It is an unavoidable fact that Mr. Express virtually cannot control his emotions but join Landlord Gay? Femi rain tears after hearing that the UN has failed paying rent for his Cabenda hotel.

To Sierra Express Media, it is no surprise hearing that the UN behaves just as corrupt individuals and institutions – if u wan master corruption cam Salone.

Of course, it is no news that the UN plays dabaroo to owners of houses.

One Mr. Crook had similar encounter with the UN, but had no option than to kick them-out of his place.

But “wata don pass UN gari” as Landlord Femi has overlooked what is tagged as UN’s immunity against prosecution and seems ready to ready drag tenant UN to court.

Well! Well!! Well! The time has come for UN special representative to Salone, Mr. Shrewd-lend-bug, establish that UN stands for the things it preaches-justice and transparency.

Ghosts to grace Golden Jubilee celebration

Ah ah, 50 year Independence Anniversary celebrants must not mistake Mr. Express’ intention of leaking secrets that ghosts have taking over streets of Freetown joining the living to celebrate Sierra Leone’s Golden Independence jubilee.

Be mindful of all the good pretty/handsome faces making love advances with you.

Underworld visitors who also double as Salone founding fathers, late Sir Milton Margai and President Siaka Stevens are reportedly displeased with the way things have gone 50 years ago.

They are vexed because Sierra Leoneans are still not able to recite the National anthem, explain the true meaning of what the green, white and blue well-regarded National flag stands for: “di Pa dem get right for vex gbain!”

Just look at colours displayed on streets of Freetown; instead of forest-green and sea-blue, all sorts of shades have been used.

Our underworld fathers have asked that we start conducting public lectures to educate society of the essence of the national Anthem and Sierra Leone’s national flag.

Awoko and the Le50 Million

Mercury’s dishing out of Le 50 million to Alhaji Alima Sesay aka Awoko creates doubt in minds of Sierra Leoneans.

It was at a Poyo Baffa that skilful Mr. Express was told that Awoko recently received Le 50 million on behalf of the Lantern Association.

They say the whopping sum was given him for this year’s lantern parade.

Well, all we have to say to Awoko is that he must be cautious in the way he spends money given him; “do ya nor cham dis lantern moni nyafu-nyafu lek SLFA grannat oh!

In fact, our egbaleh (Sierra Express) has stepped up a campaign exposing conducts of persons siphoning monies meant for public use.

Licking your fingers too plenty when disbursing Mercury’s Le 50 million will make you fall into nets of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

Maada Bio & Strasser fight at comedian Foday’s funeral

Sport, especially lovers of boxing would have missed it (ush yaa…), but Mr. Express formed part of the spectators that witnessed last week’s independence bout (boxing championship) between ace rivals, Rtd Captain Valentino Strasser and SLPP Flagbearer Maada Bio?

The two were at the former home of Foday of Wan Pot Comedians fame to sympathize with family members.

They say Bio approached Strasser for a handshake in renaissance of good/bad old NPRC days.

And that Strasser got annoyed and therefore stings Bio confused bees do.

Though weak, the hopeless ex-NPRC junta leader’s uppercuts landed correctly on jaws of Bio, but luck was on his side or would have been off the SLPP race; a thing fans of Usman Boie wants happened.

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