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April 2011

As the protest campaign grows in Swaziland, and alarming reports grow of a security clampdown, African democracy institute Idasa calls on Swaziland to avoid further bloodshed and a repeat of the crises we have seen

The condition of school teachers in this country cannot be described as enviable. The least said about them in terms of living conditions the better. This medium has been following keenly the unfolding drama in our

It is expected that Mama Sierra Leone should by now be beaming with smiles as she celebrates her Golden Jubilee. However, strange gloomy weather has superstitiously revealed that she is weeping rather than smiling. Public’s perception views

‘Rotten politics’ people call it, is undoubtedly the cause to Sierra Leone’s woeful and uncalled for underdevelopment. The shock took over minds of Sierra Leoneans minutes after Daniel Gaima; one of President Koroma’s Deputy Ministers, admitted

Rachael Bangura, presenter of the SLBC ‘Tell It to Rachael’ programme on 7th April formally launched the ‘Golden Boys Sierra Leone’ in furtherance of the First Face of the International Modeling and Fashion Agency campaign.

The scribe wrote a name when a Portuguese explorer reached King Naimbana’s territory in the Atlantic Coast of West Africa and her name became Sierra Leone . Sierra Lyoa Lion Mountain Wake up at dawn, pregnant with dreams Full of hope @ 50 . Lion

Ivory Coast's UN-recognised President, Alassane Ouattara, has urged restraint after the dramatic capture of his bitter rival Laurent Gbagbo.  (Photo: Picture shows Laurent Gbagbo after he was detained) Announcing an investigation into Mr Gbagbo, he promised

The African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM) wrapped up its Consultative Media Conference at the Nyali International Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya on the 9 April-10 April. The conference covered a range of topics on how

It was a raining day in August 1993 when Olu Gordon walked into the offices of Concord Times on Pademba Road, Freetown.  He wiped his face frantically to steer away rivulets of raindrops as he

Sierra Leonean AIK’s international Ibrahim Tetteh Bangura opened his 2011 Allsvenkan season account by scoring twice to secure  AIK’s victory on Sunday in the 41st and 62nd mintues respectively. (Photo: First goal celebration with

Out of the Ashes of war The former sleeping Lion In the Lion’s Mountain Suddenly wakes up @ 50! Over the hills of Lion’s Mountains The hero wakes up in great triumph With floating

Sierra Leone’s much anticipated Golden Jubilee celebrations kicked-off last Friday with a seminar at the Vrije University in the Holland capital of Amsterdam.  (Photo: From L-R; Professor Wouter of the Vrije University in Amsterdam who

I travelled up country from the middle of last week right up to Buedu in the Kissi Tongi chiefdom which constitutes Constituency 04 of the Parliamentary constituencies. Before my trip I had read the conclusions

At least 171 people are believed to have been killed during three weeks of unrest in Syria, Amnesty International said today after at least eight more fatalities during protests. "The alarming reports coming from Syria today

“I will stay uncorrupted even if I am tempted and ensure that those working with my administration do the same.  The first priority I will implement in Port Loko is a self–help project, such as