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‘Hustler Editor’ defends brewery’s unhygienic ‘Star Beer’ again

‘Hustler Editor’ defends brewery’s unhygienic ‘Star Beer’ again

Hustlers, people call them, are the ‘attack collect’ and ‘defend collect’ journalists.

No wonder, writers have described a journalist as ‘one who contributes to the periodic press either for his daily living or as a career.’

Career journalists take heed of their credibility, protect their profession and stay balanced, accurate, contemporaneous, and fair.

They are far from being called the ‘hobnoberry’ type journalist; follow principles as called for and not do anything hampering their very respectability.

Well, for those who look for their daily living, all of what they look for, pray for, seek for and are desperate to reach at are money, money, money.

It would amaze the general readership that a journalist, who by our findings, is on the payroll of Sierra Leone Brewery, wrote in his newspaper front page: “Stop Press – Two Expired Imported Beers Identified.

While we refer to such as ‘hustler on operation to get money at all cost,’ we also want to put into coconuts of the money hungry journalist that the Sierra Express Media has physical evidence showcasing the risk gulpers of ‘Star Beer’ take anytime, hour, minute and seconds they drink Star Beer.

That apart, it is but a disgrace that the word “Expired” could be used in place of ‘Germ Infested’ Star Beer by a journalist claiming to have practiced for 15 years.

“No Germ In Brewery Products”, so says the headline that runs in the inside page of the Spectator Newspaper.

Of course, we are aware that SL Brewery grows sogum grain for the production of beer drinks.

The advent of sogum has seen farmers deviating from growing rice and other crops to that of sogum which has the tendencies of making our society polluted with alcoholic drinks.

The full page article in page 9 of the Spectator Newspaper has been billed to SL Brewery, depicting that the editor is a spent force.

Em! Of course one has to yell. And we at Sierra Express yelled because we are aware that the defender of germ infested ‘Star Beer’ drinks was given meager amount (pittance) to enable him shelve oddities of Sierra Leone Brewery.

Indication: Albert Ansu aka Baron now in defense of SL Brewery (after receiving pittance in brown envelope) was among the list of editors in Bo.

It is to our knowledge that the forenamed journalist was told the essence for having such an organization exists.

The public or persons interested are at liberty to cross check offices of the Sierra Express Media to see themselves all that we say in relation to the questioned Star Beer drinks.

Yes, time and again, bad old journalists have been having field days acting as public relations officers for public and private institutions, negotiating with them for money and in turn say all the goodies to their favors.

The likes of Albert Ansu must be made to know that news is something, someone, somewhere doesn’t want you print. To this, Sierra Express authoritatively rests its professional and uncompromising stance.

Of course, citation is drawn to Sierra Express Media’s sequential and nonstop publications of its discovery of bottles of naked germ infested ‘Star Beer’.

Stay with Sierra Express Media, for your trusted place in news!

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