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Bo conference to discuss women and Adolescent Girls Women in the media Sierra Leone WIMSAL is an association formed in November 2007 by a group of energetic young female

Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL), a reputable institution of female Journalists coming together to champion the cause of women in a positive light for national development

27th April 2013, Bo, Sierra Leone: In exercise of the powers conferred upon it by the Revised SLAJ Constitution of 2001, the SLAJ Electoral Commission has successfully conducted

Women in the Media–Sierra Leone held a joint day-long forum on Islam, Journalism and Development over the weekend at the cultural consulate of the embassy of the Islamic

The Electoral Commission of SLAJ has conducted the National elections of WIMSAL on Saturday, March 5, 2011 and the following people have been duly elected for the positions

Women in Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL), an organization formed on the platform of advocating rights of female journalists, will celebrate 3 years of existence this year. WIMSAL’s membership is

Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL) will on November 20th celebrate its three years of existence. This year’s commemoration will be marked by a launch of the

Media organizations in Sierra Leone exhibited a typical display of negligence and betrayal to the cause for which they were supposedly established, in the matter between a female