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Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (in photo) came into office as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in March 1996 when the war intensified and many Sierra Leoneans

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the death of Major Kula Samba and 23 other great military officers, including President Kabbah’s former chief of defence staff, Brigadier Hassan

I hate writing tributes as I don’t believe in praising people when they are dead but when they are alive. It is an inner feeling that has resonated

Some people see in Sierra Leone’s political and economic failings proof that we are incapable of ruling ourselves. Such people may also believe that the colonial powers opted

Global Centre for Leadership is a non-governmental organization not tied to any political, religious, social or economic movement, entity or organization. It is independent with the sole purpose

A constant source of amusement for me is when people write or speak with authority on matters about which they, in fact know nothing beyond hearsay. They may

I have always read Pa John Baimba Sesay’s column with an open mind combined with some admiration for his style; I have often thought, “I wish some others

The Kamajors under the Sierra Leone People’s Party turned the concept of democracy head over heels when they went about killing and eating the presume opponents of the