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May 5th 2019, Dallas, Texas: The community picnic site was stage where of festivities were held in honor of Sierra Leone’s 58th Independence anniversary. This momentous occasion occurred

I wish to record my heartfelt congratulatory message to two people; my cousin, Mr. Abdulai Bangura for his cabinet appointment as Deputy Minister of Justice, and my friend,

After two years of disseminating and informing diasporans and Sierra Leoneans at home, The Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Salone Monitor Newspapers, Mr. Joseph Sherman sees it expedient

Texas, USA: December 25, 2013 - The extensive work undertaken to produce freedom of the press was made possible by the present administration and the contribution of local

Texas, USA May 17, 2013 - In my country, Sierra Leone, respecting currency is one of the most patriotic things a citizen can do.  Our currency is identified

Dazzling fireworks lit up the skies in Dallas as Sierra Stars held a rare, countdown to the New Year, and players, team management and supporters of the darling

Dallas Texas, U.S.A November 26, 2010. This year’s Thanksgiving Day, unlike many others in the past, comes with lots of headaches and uneasiness as the unemployment rate across