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Kroo Bay is an informal risk prone housing settlement along coastal and riverbed lands in central Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. The population living in flood prone

UKaid has provided emergency relief to people who lost their homes in the major fire incident of the morning of 4 March, in the Kroo Bay area of

Panther Women’s Group (Panther Ladies) are calling for national and international help to support their local development initiatives and plans to improve the lives of poor people in

Youths of Kroo Bay and part of Kingtom under the jurisdiction of Councilor Maxwell Lebbie, have called on the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate Councilors and officials

One of Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) aspirants, Usman Boie Kamara, yesterday paid a civility call to victims of a Kroo Bay fire accident, to give them the