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Save The Nation (STN) a 501c3 non profit organization  founded by Sierra Leone gospel singer GIILEH and other members, initiated a book and school’s supplies drive campaign last

Singer, actress and multimedia artist Giileh Scholz is back in the USA, after completing a successful visit to her home country of Sierra Leone, where she was enthusiastically

Sierra Leonean celebrity, singer/songwriter and actress Giileh Scholz was amongst the group of artists present at a recent meeting held in Freetown, Sierra Leone promoting the need for

VOA's Viktorija Rinkeviciute reports on the play "Let Me Die Alone" and the play's Actor/ Director David Vandy, who is also host of the VOA radio program Africa

Shenge Records has just learned that Giileh has been nominated for Female Album of the year by Sierra Leone Music Television Radio (SLMTV). Voting starts June 1, 2011

Sierra Theatre Productions director, David Vandy will be featuring Giileh as the leading actress in his latest production - ‘Let Me Die Alone’.  The play to be held

Giileh Scholz, simply known as Giileh (pronounced “gie leh”) to her admirers is the latest sensation from Africa poised to make an indelible mark in the gospel music

Sierra Leonean gospel singer, Giileh will be releasing her debut album “Bringing in the News” this Friday, March 25, 2011 at the Best Western, Capital Beltway, MD, in