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Residents at Dwarzark have called for urgent action to be taken against people disposing garbage in drainages that run through the community as there is a tendency for

‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ is one of the commonest clichés which we often ignore or do not put into practice in our respective communities and consequently, our

Kambia, Feb. 4 (SLENA) – The Kambia District councilors of Wards 121 and 123 have embarked on the cleaning the main town of Bamoi Luma including the market

A malodorous garbage hill, located at the Circular Road-Berry Street Junction, is reported to be jeopardizing the health of Members of Parliament who ply that route to parliament. The

As the Freetown City Council (FCC)  continues to be bogged down in the morass of waste management, the garbage hills keep mounting in our capital city, Freetown. Even

Freetown City Council (FCC) has vowed to take stringent measures against all those who would fall short of keeping the city clean with effect from Tuesday, June 1st,