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Profits too high, penalties too low to stop crime For someone with advanced technical know-how and a devious mind, a piece of chalk or some flour or starch can

FREETOWN: In preparation for resuming export of Sierra Leone fish products to the European market, the State House Chief of Staff has made inspection visits to Government Agencies

The Drug and Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Agency in Sierra Leone, ‘Pharmacy Board,’ in ensuring the continued capacity building of members of its Staff has conducted a one week refresher

Counterfeiting of drugs is a huge industry with an annual turnover of more than SEK 500 billion. In Africa the situation is extremely serious. Half of the malaria

Sierra Express Media has been able to ascertain that the country’s agency for the protection of the public health of the nation - Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Pharmacy Board and the Sierra Leone Police will this week charge 7 people to court, caught in a ferocious raid on drug peddling in the

The Drug regulatory agency in the country, Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has taken part in the ongoing trade fair that kicked off last Saturday in Freetown Sierra

As the year 2009 folds up, the Government of Sierra Leone through the Registrar of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone, WCN Johnson, has vowed to ensure that

Fighting the growing spate of fake and substandard medicine has been a priority agenda in cleansing the public health of the country. It became apparent in 2001 when