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Paramount Chiefs concede that political interference has been a key challenge to their authority Traditionally Paramount Chiefs in Sierra Leone play an important role in maintaining law and order

The Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hadiru Kalokoh last Thursday at the weekly press briefing spoke on the de-amalgamation of chiefdoms and other administrative reorganizations

Presenter of the popular and widely-listened good governance program, Monologue, has called on the residents of Kono District to ask their various Paramount Chiefs to account for the

The Chairman and Members of the New Executive of the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) have today met President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House. Formerly introducing the New

The ministry of local government and community development is also in charge of chiefdom administration. While affairs in most chiefdoms are running smoothly, in a few others there

Political representation in governance is a social contract between the governors and the governed.  I have observed for years, the way politics is being practiced in Sierra Leone,