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Judgment Day is here

Judgment Day is here

Now that the inquest is here, every good Sierra Leonean in his or her rational state of mind would want the inquest to go on. Afterwards, one would have loved to ask, hadn’t it been that my mother and father were victims the Khaki boys brutality in 1992, how would you have reacted to the inquiry released by the APC over the killing of James Bambay Kamara and 27 others in cold blood?

When the inquest was announced over a week a ago by the Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji I.B Kargbo that the Government is interested in carrying out an inquest in to the brutal murder of former police chief, Bambay Kamara and others, many heartless Sierra Leoneans have insinuated that the investigation would open up old wounds. Some have even called the inquest a mere ploy by the Government to waste money and also termed it as witch-hunt to deter their opponents from participating in active politics in 2012.

While people continue to hint about why the inquest came about, nobody has retrospectively turned around and questioned, “If it were I to have lost relatives so dear in the hands of brutal soldiers; what would I have expected from a responsible government?

The culture silence over issues that do not concern us directly has been one of the major obstacles that have impeded the course of justice in this country.  Evidence of such negligent attitude in our behavior as Sierra Leoneans has served as a cause for impunity in this country for a long time now.

Some have deliberately blinded themselves to the truth questioning the validity and necessity of the inquest? From an individual point of view and also from a rationalistic perspective; I mean a candid judgment that is devoid of political interest or affiliation; an enumeration that has no sentimental or regional string attached, the inquest is an indispensable aspect of our development.

Most times, the truth relating to unearthing matters that deterrent a prosperous Sierra Leone has been blurred by us being emotional in deciphering objective facts.

The interest shown by the APC in establishing the truth is a laudable step taken in the furtherance of our naïve democracy. The inquest has nothing to do about witch-hunting, rather than conspicuously making the truth available to our generations yet unborn. When the truth is here, the haunting conscience of those who had perpetuated arbitrary murder and injustice against people presumed to be innocent will be laid to rest.

The inquiry into the deaths of some prominent Sierra Leoneans 18 years ago will undoubtedly avert future contempt and animosity among children unborn. Our history would not be complete if we deliberately fail to acknowledge the sad chapters of it. Eighteen years is quite a long time for the truth to come to light.

Even in human psychology, in the developmental stages of growth in humans, one starts to take full responsibility of his or her actions at age 18. Sierra Leone as a nation, approaching its 50th Independence Anniversary has come of age to take into account of both its positive and negative pasts and weave them into its history so that it could be read by our children without asking ambiguous questions of what their forefathers did. 

When people, sometimes of positions of authority, questioned the significance of the inquest, I become blue and started to inquire in my mind what has our education done for us. People of undoubted educational background are in the habit of asking this stereotypic question. Where the truth is an indispensable for our own development, I see no wrong in instituting an inquest into the deaths of Salami Coker and others.

Afterward, religious scriptures of divine source have compromised the saying that “only the truth shall set us free.” Besides, if you not an old man, I see no need bored or uneasy when dried bones are mentioned.

In every civilized nation in the 21st Century, besides the rigid dogmas of faiths, there is a sacrosanct constitution where the fundamental rights binding their existence are enshrined to protect its inhabitants. Sierra Leone as a sovereign nation has a constitution, thus in that effort of protecting its sacred image, justice must be restored by bringing to book all those who have perpetuated those barbaric and inhumane acts  and they must learn to show a sign of remorse so that the horrible past will be finally laid to rest for eternity.

Judgment Day is here, and the anticipated judgments of God and His eventual wrath because of our heinous mundane activities must take root here. In the hereafter, I believe God in His Majestic Kingdom would only be busy to entertain spiritual cases and not worldly ones.

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  • Dear Madieu,
    If APC is serious about inquest into abitary killings, then they must start with leader boot and Akim who killed Baffie Konneh at the Female Nursing hostel and drink his blood on the 18th of august 1997under the full support of alot of the APC operatives parading as government ministers and securities.The civil war started because of the excesses of the APC which is now in the increase.Let us remember what goes around comes around.May Almighty God save our country from collapsing into another war.
    Joseph P.R.China


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