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The State of SLPP North America

The State of SLPP North America

I read with dismay the blatant lies peddled by Dr P. K. Muana who decribes himself as spokesperson for Augustine Fallay the chairman of SLPPNA. I am a very concerned member of the SLPPNA and I can categorically say that Samuel Kargbo is correct to say that SLPPNA is in shambles under Augustine Fallay and P.K. Muana. It is true that people have stopped contributing to the party because of the excesses of Augustine Fallay. As we speak the fundraising effort is a disgrace. One young fellow Mr Tunis tried to raise funds for a program in Pujehun. That poor fellow raised zero not because people did not believe in the cause, but because people don’t feel part of SLPPNA. People and that includes me feel SLPPNA is being deliberately destroyed by Fallay who uses Dr S. B. Saccoh’s son, Abu Saccoh to throw genuine SLPP members out of the party. Dr. Saccoh had since switched to APC and he pledged to take his family with him. As recently as this morning one senior member of SLPPNA cautioned that Fallay is allowing Dr Saccoh’s son to discourage people in the party with the sole aim of crippling one of the main sources of finance for the party.  Some of us do not have the luxury of switching to the APC, but Abu Saccoh is already collaborating with his father to disable SLPPNA.

Augusting Fallay and P.K. Muana are dangerous to this region and for them to write bold faced lies that the state of SLPPNA is strong. I am compelled to expose the lies of Fallay and P.K. Muana. In fact it is true that chapters have threatened to secede from the region. Here is a four page petition sent to SLPP headquarters. This clear shows that Augustine Fallay and P.K. Muana are liars who should be kicked out of office. The silent majority of us are praying that Augustine Fallay loses the next election. He is nothing but a walking disaster for our party.




Hon. John O .Benjamin,

National chairman, S.L.P.P.

Freetown, Sierra Leone.

March 25, 2010

Re: Petition against Mr. Augustine Fallay, Chairman, SLPPNA

Dear Sir:

We the under signed representing various chapters in North America would like to congratulate your executive on your performance since your incumbency. We feel proud about indications that our party is in capable hands. We wish we could have said same for our region. On the contrary, we wish to bring to your attention a troubling development fomented by the Fallay administration, which if not stopped in its tracks would potentially divide an already fragile Diaspora branch.

Mr. Chairman, you may agree with us that this region should be bedrock of

support in our national crusade. To achieve this, it requires a leader that focuses on unity, vision, competence, innovation, respect for members, honesty to members and above all respect for constitutional stipulations. It is with regret to inform you that the leadership of SLPPNA is dangerously limited in the above mentioned qualities.

Sir, our party strives on democracy and unity that is what makes us different from other parties. To us, the constitution is not just a mere document; it is the centerpiece of our success. Unfortunately for us, the Fallay administration has thrown all caution to the wind with reckless disregard for the constitution.

One such blatant contravention by this administration is Section 4.4.2 of the SLPPNA constitution which stipulates that, “The Party Conference will organize and chair the annual Party Convention in North America…” Mr.Fallay in connivance with his hand-picked acting party conference chairman, Mr. Solomon Gembeh has single handedly and without consulting the Party Conference, arbitrarily changed a previously scheduled meeting of Chapter Heads into a convention less than four weeks to its convening. This move in our opinion is a deliberate attempt by the Fallay administration to disenfranchise the SLPPNA membership and change the constitution to suit their purposes. A case in point is their internal memo that leaked to the general membership, which was about getting rid of the Party Conference which has oversight and acts as a check on his arbitrary moves. It seems this administration has realized that majority of SLPPNA wants the Party Conference to stay in line with the SLPP constitution; as a result, this administration has resorted to the gimmick of arbitrarily calling conventions, convenient only for his supporters to attend and give him carte blanche for his arbitrary governing of SLPPNA.

Mr. Chairman, the SLPPNA constitution is based on the national constitution. As it is we have not even seen the national constitution and no less a person than Dr. Kelfala Kallon has in a meeting advised Mr. Fallay to drop the idea, and wait for a properly constituted convention in August by which time the Constitutional Review Committee would have received the national constitution which would serve as a guide.

Given the fact that the Party conference neither organized nor called the arbitrary convention; that constitutions are ratified at properly constituted SLPP conventions; that the Chairman and the Acting Party Chairman cannot by themselves arbitrarily change meetings into conventions; that it is prudent to wait for the national constitution; that Mr. Fallay has little or no respect for Chapter Heads, we have therefore arrived at the following resolution:

  1. We the undersigned Chapter heads will neither attend nor send party delegates to an illegally constituted convention
  2. We will not recognize any amendments made on the said constitution outside a properly constituted convention
  3. We view the lack of respect and disregard for Chapters in SLPPNA as an unfriendly disposition on the part of Chairman Fallay
  4. We are ready to work with the Chairman and his executive within the ambits of the constitution and anything less is unacceptable
  5. Should the SLPPNA Chairman force his way, we reserve the right, in consultation with our chapter members to form a coalition as a separate diaspora Branch dealing directly with party headquarters in Sierra Leone.

It is our understanding that this illegal convention has been slated for the 27th of March, 2010, and we trust your timely intervention will definitely diffuse the time bomb Mr. Augustine Fallay has planted in SLPPNA.

Mr. Chairman, the SLPPNA in America was organized to help the national executive back home. Mr. Fallay in our eyes does not see it that way as time and time again he has set himself in opposition to the National Executive. We are not happy about that. The most basic and ubiquitous way to help the party back home is through the National Executive in Freetown. Mr. Fallay for reasons best known to him had changed the chain of command strata by placing himself parallel with the National Executive by disbursing our funds bye-passing you under the disguise of emergency.

Mr. Chairman, looking at the crucial stage of our political life as a party and a country we do not want to resort to litigation to fight this menace. We are united in our belief that with the power of oversight you can solve this problem if you have the inclination.

In view of the above, we are appealing to you to intervene at your earliest convenience.

Lest you underestimate our resolve, we controlling about 80 percent or more of the membership have decided to withhold all cooperation with the Fallay administration until this matter is resolved.

We wish you Gods speed and guidance in all your undertakings.

  1. Victor P. Alimamy, Chairman SLPPNA New England Chapter
  2. Jerry George, Chairman SLPPNA New Jersey Chapter
  3. Samuel Saidu, Chairman SLPPNA Delaware Valley Chapter
  4. Foday Sesay, Acting Chairman SLPPNA Washington, D.C. Metro Chapter
Cc: Kadi Sesay, Vice Chairlady SLPP
    J.J.Saffa, Secretary General SLPP
    Augustine Fallay, Chairman SLPPNA
    Augustine Smith, Chairman SLPPNA Georgia Chapter
By A Concerned Member

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