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Police Charged for Lungi Robbery

Police Charged for Lungi Robbery

Members of the Sierra Leone Police have been charged by locals in the Lungi community as responsible for the growing spate of armed robbery that has besieged their community. The community people Sierra Express spoke to expressed deep suspicion over the activities of the Sierra Leone police deployed at Lungi; claiming that the police connive with the robbers and that’s what accounts for their lackluster attitude in combating the menace.

Already two people are believed to have been killed in an anti armed robbery riot in Lungi; many others taken to the hospital as a result of injuries meted out on them during the riot that broke out between the police and youths who say they are tired of the growing spate of armed robberies in the area.

As it is, the alarming spate of armed robbery in the country has created so much doubt in the minds of ordinary Sierra Leoneans and some are now beginning to turn on the police who they think are responsible in one way or the other. Many citizens Sierra Express talked to expressed dissatisfaction over the deterioration of the security system and lack of concern on the part the Office of National Security (ONS).

Talking to Habib Lansana, Councilor in Charge of the affected area he opined that the relationship between the police and the youths in the Lungi Community has deteriorated due to lack of confidence that has resulted from many ill happenings in the area. Many people, Lansana said, seem to have one problem or the other with the disposition of the police deployed in Lungi.

The Councilor said there have been many pointing fingers, even at individuals in the police, as to who is responsible for the many troubles that have engulfed the Lungi community. The youths, having observed that the police may have one way or the other connived with the armed robbers, decided on taking action that led to confrontations with the police.

ASP Ibrahim Samura Head of the Police Media Unit has denounced the idea of the police using live rounds at unarmed civilians; calling it unprofessional and unacceptable. Samura assured Sierra Express that that everything will be put in place to investigate what he described as alleged lawlessness within the rank and file of the police.

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