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Residents in the Jumu-Kafeibu village in the Nongowa chiefdom Kenema district are now breathing a sigh of relief following recent improvement and continued collaboration between the members of

Guinean troops now occupy eight towns and villages in Kailahun District, including Yenga, Sierra Express Media has been informed. The towns currently occupied by Guinean forces include Yenga,

As part of moves to ensure that the rights of people are respected in the country properly, the National Forum for Human Rights (NFHR), a coalition of activists,

Nurses attached to the UBC Mission Hospital in Mattru Jong, Bonthe District have gone on strike demanding that their eighteen month backlog salary should be paid or they

The whole of Bonthe District has no magistrate to preside over cases, and people have to wait for months before a visiting magistrate is seen, Sierra Express Media

A parent, Mariama Mansaray has informed Sierra Express Media (SEM) that her 3 week old baby was killed in Freetown by two fake doctors. The report say the

Emmanuel James, a Sierra Leonean student in the Makeni Polytechnic Institution has made a breakthrough in modern technology by inventing a device that charges mobile phones without the

Dr. Denise Kargbo, head of the Review Committee of the 6-3-3-4 educational system in the country and principal of the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology has

A call for nursery education to be introduced in all government schools in the country has been made by teachers in various institutions established by government. This was