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APC and its membership conundrum!

APC and its membership conundrum!

The main opposition All Peoples Congress party (APC) is grappling with a court ruling that found the party guilty of contempt, brought against it by US based Alfred Peter Conteh, a member of the party with a burning desire to bring democratic reforms in the working and organization of the party.

Though the second defendant, de facto Secretary General of the party, Alhaji Ambassador Osman Foday Yansanneh was not found guilty, the party was, and given fourteen days to address one of the contentious contempt issues of un-resolved membership.

Personally, I am more than baffled at the rarity of a court obliging a major political party, even if a minor one, to resolve sticking membership issues, which I believe should be a cardinal principle of any political party to cast its net to the widest ends of all coasts for the biggest catch. Politics, they say, is a game of numbers and political parties are describe as big or small based on its numerical membership strength. Subsequently, a political party’s qualification and capability to win elections and take over governance is undoubtedly based on its membership.

It is therefore ironical for a political party especially in opposition to have the tendency and find pleasure in shutting down its doors to members wanting to come or pushing out members, which the APC has become a perfect example, much to its detriment and very survival. Clearly, the apparent recalcitrance of APC Secretariat, backed by a few schemers to limit the party’s membership potential unravels a calculated ploy to protect their selfish interests and to hold the party at bay.  

It is the responsibility of the leadership as it awaits ruling on the substantive matter of illegal status, to swiftly redress this conundrum of membership and leave a more united and stronger party that will either perform a very strong role as opposition or take over governance as the case may be. Of course, so many members of the party are of the firm belief that if the membership issue is effective and frankly resolved without any hidden agenda, the party will be put on a god stead to win the 2023 elections.

It therefore goes without saying that by failing to exploit the opportunity given them by the court, the APC Secretariat is digging their own political grave that has dire consequences to the survival of democracy and good governance.

By Abdul Kuyateh

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