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An ugly trend of kidnappings!

An ugly trend of kidnappings!

A wave of worrisome kidnappings for alleged ritual purposes has gripped the population, putting parents in a state of dilemma and discomfort. The trend is not new in the history of the county, especially when elections are around the corner.

Politicians have particularly been notorious for indulging in the inhuman trade of ritual sacrifices using human parts in their desperate quest to attain political power and wealth at all cost. We are inclined to think that as a people who had experienced the pain and stigma of such a dark past, there will be no going back.

Unfortunately, the rearing of the head of such a crude and ugly trend in our midst is totally unacceptable and must be condemned robustly. The police must step up in hunting the culprits and bring them to book unexceptionally.

The most unfortunate aspect of this callous activity is the fact that they are targeting our teenage boys and girls, dismembering them in the most ruthless and brutal manner to quench their insatiable thirst for power and money.

A recent incident that rang the alarm bell currently under police investigations took place this month at the Kingtom cemetery involving a thirteen year old boy. The killers apparently ran out of luck and their prey, through mercy of the Almighty, got saved, while the culprits unfortunately escaped.

At Kingtom, the unsuspecting lad was tightly tide up and hid in one of the dug graves waiting for night fall to meet his untimely death. A passer-by who heard him groaning alerted other people who swiftly rescued him and took him to the Kingtom police station, where he narrated his ordeal.

Accordingly, the kidnappers tuned up in a jeep at about 2200 hrs to execute their bloody operation. They were confronted by armed police officers who had laid ambush for them. Sadly the police operation woefully failed and the men escaped leaving behind their vehicle.

Meanwhile, Social Media is full of horrible incidents of widespread kidnappings, which has cast a shadow of fear in the minds of parents. We are calling on the authorities to clamp down on the perpetrators of such dastardly enterprise and restore confidence in the populace. 

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