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Dishonorable 2019 audit report and troubling banks cash shortage low depths of SLPP rule

Dishonorable 2019 audit report and troubling banks cash shortage low depths of SLPP rule

Maada Bio was grandstanding abhorrence for alleged APC corruption while he and his government were also busy embezzling government money

The mark of any responsible institution is unadulterated acceptance of failure and a commitment to redress its foibles . The ruling SLPP is putting it political and psychological immaturity on show by refusing to accept responsibility for the disgrace it finds itself in presently —-the calamitous squandermania it has engaged in with the Sierra Leone economy since it came to power in 2018 as revealed by the 2019 Audit Report and the disastrous consequences of its economic incompetence and infidelities as manifested by the unavailability of money in the banks during the festive season.

This serious predicament , which have the capacity of hastening the party’s removal from power , are SLPP’s problems. They were created and perpetrated by the SLPP and all fingers of blame should point at the SLPP and the SLPP alone.

The audit report was on the SLPP and it exposes the greed, lust and and propensity for thieving and manhandling the country’s economic resources by the SLPP. The economic squander and profligacy exposed in the audit report were not only committed by SLPP operatives but they happened under the watch of the SLPP . Also, whatever caused the banks to go dry and inflict economic hardship on the people on a scale unprecedented in the history of festive seasons in Sierra Leone resulted from the shambolic performance of the inept , clueless and incompetent SLPP Bank Governor , Kelfala Kallon ( who has been described as an imbecile by social media commentators ) and those SLPP officials handling the economy. He did not put any economic policies in place to avoid the banks running dry with local currency . How can a country’s own currencies be unavailable in her banks ?

The SLPP shamefully failed the nation and its parasitic behavior with the economy was a huge slap in the face of the Millennium Challenge Corporation ( MCC ) , which it duped with falsified reports and the people of Sierra Leone and these facts must be accepted by supporters.

This is the political party that came to power on the back of well- trumpeted promises to plug all the holes in the economy and to give the nation a new direction and a new economic lease of life.

This is also the hypocritical political party that had been grandstanding a fake abhorrence for corruption with the setting up of anti-corruption commissions of inquiry on the defeated once-ruling APC government which it said engaged in massive and rampant corruption and embezzlement of the country’s resources. The SLPP even released a White Paper in which it recommended seizures of assets of past APC officials .

The SLPP was giving the world a false impression that it was against corruption. In actual fact, it was beating and dancing to two diametrically opposed drums . Like Peter Grimes, the SLPP fished by day and filched by night. In the open , they were supposedly fighting corruption .

Under cover of darkness , they themselves were robbing the nation blind and emptying the national treasury.

The 2019 audit is about 2019. It is not about 2015 or 2016.or 2017 . We have already had audit reports for those years. The 2019 audit report is about SLPP tenure and their mismanagement of the nation’s economy. It has nothing to do with the APC. It is therefore political immaturity of the most sick, banal and depraved kind and a shameless negation of personal responsibility for the SLPP to blame the APC for its own 2018 and 3019 economic crimes against the people of Sierra Leone.

The SLPP deserves to be kicked out of power in 2023 for such a insult on the intelligence of our people . How can APC be responsible for the sins of the SLPP ,if such wicked, errant thinking is not the incurable spirit of impunity that is the stock in trade of the SLPP ?

The 2019 audit report is a verdict on the chaotic and corrupt rule of one self-promoted Brigadier .

Shame on President Maada Bio , the deceiver and hypocrite , who runs a cabal of ayampees and kleptomaniacs , of whom he is kingpin. The 2919 audit report just demonstrates in graphic depth and intensity the fake Brigadier’s unfitness for purpose.

Bio will definitely be forced to pay in full measure for his criminal enterprise against the people of Sierra Leone when he is removed from power in 2023.

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