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At Constituency 65 Hon Cecilia M Bangura Rescues windstorm victims

At Constituency 65 Hon Cecilia M Bangura Rescues windstorm victims

On the 7th October 2020, heavy windstorm destroyed over 30 structures that include Dwelling Houses, Mosques, Schools and Community Stores in Kamalo, Maparay and Kayimboh in Ward 220, Mathoi, Yana and Gberay in Ward 219 and Mangay in Ward 221. All of these communities are in Sanda Loko Chiefdom, Constituency 065, Karene District.60% of the affected properties are in Maparay community.

The astute MP immediately went into the community to do an assessment on the damage and impact the tornado has caused.

Based on the findings, it was glaring that the impact of the collateral damage varies at different levels depending on the circumstance.

  1. Some structures were damaged by big trees and branches that fell on them.
  2. These damages affected the entire structures, as walls and roofs were totally destroyed.
  3. In some structures, either the roofs were entirely destroyed or are partially severely damaged.
  4. Other structures were partially damaged, with some quantities of zinc.

Based on the level in which the this disaster has destroyed many homes, Mosques, Schools, and Community storage facilities, and it devastating consequences, Hon. Cecilia Mabinty Bangura  sympathised  with the victims and assured them of her unflinching support and that of Dr Samura Kamara and Kamaloneans based in the diaspora.

The MP wasted no time to support the victims of the windstorm with 40 bundles of zinc worth Twenty-One Million Leones (Le 21,000,000), including transportation.

To ensure that the support she brought and other support that will come from Dr. Samura and other people are properly managed and distributed to the affected people according to the impact of every structure and those affected, the Honorable set up a Disaster Management Committee that comprise of the following representations:

  • Abdulai L. Kamara (Rarfor), Chairman – Representing the Honorable
  • Musa Morlai Kamara, Secretary – Representing Affected People
  • Ibrahim Obrise Kamara, Member – Representing the Constituency Dev. Committee
  • Mohamed Sanu Member – Representing Dr. Samura Kamara,
  • Pa Komrabai Kamara, Member – Representing Chiefdom Authorities
  • Clr. Osman Bangali, Member – Representing Karene District Council,
  • Cyrus Sahid Kanu, Member – Representing Chiefdom Youth
  • Makay Turay, Member Representing Chiefdom Women
  • Mary Salu Bangura, Member Representing Affected People.
  • Rogers Conteh, Member Representing Affected People.
  • Aminata Kamara, Member Representing Affected People

The 40 bundles of Zinc were handed over to the Committee in the presence of the APC District Executive Representative, Dr. Adikali Sesay; the Karene District Parliamentary Caucus Leader, Hon. Alusine Bash Kamara; the Karene District Council Chairman, Chiefdom Authorities and Affected People.  

The Constituency Development Committee wishes to inform the Affected People and the general public that Mr. Hassan A. Turay is currently coordinating Natives and Friends of Kamalo in the diaspora to support the victims and contribution is impressively ongoing. 

Reflection on Past Support to her Constituency

Within these three years, the Constituency Development Committee is happy to inform everybody that Hon. Cecilia M. Bangura had supported the following development in her constituency:

  • Provision of 40 bundles of Zinc to the victims of windstorm in Kamalo and the environs.
  • Lobbied the installation of three (3) Orange Communication Polls at Lamina Loko and Madina Fullah for Wards 219, 221 & 222 in Sanda Loko Chiefdom and Boronghoh Makarankay in Ward 223, Gbanti Chiefdom. Today, we are proud to inform all that 95 % of the two chiefdom is covered with communication network.
  • 40 sets of mountains loud speakers were distributed to Mosques in 40 communities within the constituency. Each of these components cost Le 2,500,000.
  • Distributed 60 bags of rice as support to 60 mosques within her constituency for the lailatugadry (night of blessing) in 2018
  • Is currently supporting the construction of a Junior Secondary School in Boronghoh Makarankay, Gganti chiefdom, Ward 223. Cement, iron rods and bundles of roofing zincs had been provided to the ongoing project.
  • Financed surgical operations of six people from Ghanti and Sanda Loko chiefdoms. Each of the operations cost me Le 1,500,000.
  • Facilitated the pavement improvement of 18 miles feeder road that links Kamalo to the entire Loko communities of Wards 221 & 222 in Sanda Loko Chiefdom.
  • Provided 100 bags of cement for the commencement of Kamalo Central Mosque. This support was the motivation and foundation for mighty Central Mosque of Kamalo.
  • Provided bags of cement, Celotex, Whit Walsh, Paints for the construction of Maparay Mosque.
  • Is currently supporting the construction of 3 CHPs in Rotain, Mayola & Makoba Yealime.
  • Constructed 2 water wells in Laya Loko and Kampala. Each of these costs 22,500,000.
  • Constructed three bridges at Mathio – Yanah rout in Ward 219, Mabamba – Mayealie route and Kumbu – Maharibo route in Ward 221 all in Sanda Loko Chiefdom.
  • Provided rolls of floor mat for Yana mosque, Yana Section, Gbanti Chiefdom Ward 223.
  • Rolled out a Micro Finance Support Project of Le 25,000,000 to women’s group in Kamalo and surrounding communities.
  • Supported farmers across the constituency with 50 bags of fertilizer and 100 bags of rice seedlings.
  • Repaired the leaking roof of Sanda Loko Health Center in Kamalo.
  • Lobbied the approval and creation of Examination Center of the St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School in Kamalo, Ward 220 in Sanda Loko Chiefdom.
  • Lobbied the approval of Boronon Makarankay JSS, Ward 223 in Gbanti Chiefdom.
  • Is currently supporting the construction of a Community Center in Makomray, Gbonko Bana, Makulun in Ward 223 Gbanti Chiefdom. Cement, iron rods, nails and bundles of roofing zincs have been given to the ongoing project.
  • Provided 10 bundles of Zincs to support the construction of a School Quarters in Gbanti Town, Ward 223 Gbanti Chiefdom.
  • Provided support to dignify the coronation (Kantha ceremony) of the current Ceremonial Chief (Pa Komrabai Computer) of Sanda Loko Chiefdom. This support includes funds to meet traditional demands and also ceremonial dresses (Rapel suit and red caps) for the Paramount Chief, Pa Konmrabai, Chiefdom Speaker, all 15 Section Chiefs and all Ceremonial Chiefs of Sanda Loko Chiefdom. 
  • Financially supported many social activities within the constituency.

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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