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APC Will Rise Amidst SLPP’S Ploy To Destroy Its Image

APC Will Rise Amidst SLPP’S Ploy To Destroy Its Image

Ambassador Felix Koroma Detonates …

Sometime last week, I did say that “APCIERS MUST DEFEND THE LIFE OF THE PARTY” in less than one week, we have seen the outcome of ” Government White Paper” and its deliberately attempts to demonize our party.

This is the second time the SLPP are using this strategy.  They first used it when they hid under the clothes of the then National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) as clearly stated in a video evidence made by the current president of our Republic. Again, the current government is using corruption to derail the image of our party and dent the good image of our fine and hard working Comrades to disrepute.

Comrades, we must do something about this menace. It is now clear that for the two and a half years of SLPP’s rule, all they have to show is the “white paper.” The current government has no campaign score card. All they intend doing is to dehumanize, degrade, demonize and paint the APC party as a corrupt party to the people of Sierra Leone and to the international community.

However,  we thank God that prior to the removal of the report, a Parliamentary Member of their party came out in the open to say that there is a high rate of corruption in Parliament, where the SLPP is in control. Similarly, we have seen a Civil Society report pointing at the current ‘SLPP State House’ to be another corrupt institution.

This is where President Bio leadership will face ‘the sincerity test.’ How he handles, “the White Paper”, Corruption in SLPP led Parliament and SLPP State House, will determine his seriousness in the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, I wish to bring to the notice of all  comrades whose names have been mentioned in the said ” white Paper” that we (the people) stands with you. I am encouraging you to use this moment to unite the party. Our survival, our long earned reputation and integrity is at stake. We must stand firm and be vigilant as Siaka Stevens once told us to stand firm during the struggles of APC and in the end, there shall be victory for us.

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