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People’s Action Omega 1salone Public Notice

People’s Action Omega 1salone Public Notice

The PEOPLE’S ACTION or Omega 1Salone is legally registered Civil Society Organization that is established as new force for the promotion Good Governance, Democracy, Human Security and Development that works toward helping Government and other Governance Agencies  to think a better way to protect and seek the welfare of our people by play the rule through democratic approach away from adversarial means. We work to achieve a Shared Prosperity, Shared Security and Inclusive Society where every citizen would participate in every aspect of governance.

  • PEOPLE’S ACTION OMEGA 1SALONE notes with dismay and condemns the level of high handedness and excessive use of force displaced by the Sierra Leone Police at the office of the All People Congress which also adversely affected the entire neighborhood.
  • The overzealousness of our national Police officers to please whosoever is in power rather than safeguarding lifes and property which is their constitutional mandate is a cause of concern for peace loving Sierra Leoneans.
  • PEOPLE’S ACTION OMEGA 1SALONE also condemns any act of violence orchestrated by political parties as a means of redress to political oppression and or suppression but rather advice that they follow due legal process. The peace of Citizens should not be disturbed to score a political goal.
  • PEOPLE’S ACTION OMEGA 1SALONE also note with great concern the judgement delivered on the 30th May 2018 in the High Court of SierraLeone holden in Freetown presided over by Justice Kamanda.
  • PEOPLE’S ACTION OMEGA 1SALONE  is particularly concerned and appalled by the facts of the judgement in respect of the Female Honorable Hariyatu who was a staff of the ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION. A Commission which holds as it core value Accountability, Integrity Transparency in Public life and Adherence to International best practices. Her claims that she resigned and  the evidence that she continued receiving salaries from the consolidated fund even after her purported resignation is perturbing.  If indeed she resigned and continued receiving salary for which she did not work, it is a criminality that warrants an investigation as it hinges on the public image of the commission and the misappropriation of public funds.

It is the responsibility of the Finance Department of the ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION to request from the Ministry of Finance the Payment of staff salary by submitting a payment request voucher with names of eligible staff for payment.

Sequel to the above Omega Salone is demanding that the Anti-Corruption Commission explains to the people of Sierra Leone why the Finance Department requested for payment to a person that has resigned.

PEOPLE’S ACTION OMEGA 1SALONE calls on all well meaning Civil Society Groups and campaigners for Women’s rights, Human Rights organization and the International Community, to investigate this issue and ensure that Justice is done.

PEOPLE’S ACTION OMEGA 1SALONE also condemns the Swearing of the Members of Parliament on the 30th May 2019 as it is a breach of the provisions of Section 146 (1)(2)&(3) of the Public Election Act. The stipulated fourteen days pending appeal is discountenanced.

This is particularly troubling, as Parliament which is the legitimate maker of the laws should be seen respecting the law.

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