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As Randa Skeiky enjoys State House protection Government Officials Jittery Over Fake Audio

As Randa Skeiky enjoys State House protection Government Officials Jittery Over Fake Audio

As we continue to look into the twists and turns around a $500,000 theft and passport fraud case being investigated by the Criminal Investigations Department  involving one Randa Skeiky (suspect) and Alie Abess (complainant) and why the police at the CID have failed to either charge the matter or discharge it after over eight months of investigating, this medium has uncovered that the delay to charge the matters to court had been precipitated by a fabricated audio which the suspect had being using to instill fear among some of her political protectors especially those whose names were mentioned in the said audio.

The said audio, which is now in possession of this medium, according to investigation, had been the main reason for the growing number of political protectors for an alleged passport fraudster and thief who should have by now being behind bars for allegedly stealing that whooping sum of money from her former employer.

Although Randa’s alleged protectors from State House and some other quarters and investigators at the CID had taken the said audio to be hook line and sinker which is why they are allegedly doing everything to sweep the matter under the carpet for fear of being blackmailed, this medium, after a thorough technical analysis of the said audio can categorically state with no iota of doubt that it is a fabricated and totally fake audio which was carefully doctored by the suspect and some of her advisers to escape the cause of justice for the crimes she allegedly had committed.

The said Voice Note, which purportedly came from the complainant giving instructions to the suspect for a business transaction she was to do on his behalf which has no bearing with the subject matter which is the $500,000 theft, according to experts’ analysis, is a fabricated one that does not emanates from the original chat which the complainant and the suspect had. It was carefully doctored by suspect to instill fear on those top guns whose names were mentioned in the said voice note in order to get herself out of justice.

However, many would have expected Randa’s investigators as well as her protectors who are worried over the said Voice Note to first ascertain it authenticity before taken their current line of action.

This is so because whether they succeeded in their quest to sweep the matter under the carpet for now, the same audio will be used to haunt them in future. It is therefore advisable for those officials who are trying to protect Randa Skeiky to discard that fake audio and allow justice to take it full course.

What has come out clearly as stated by Randa Skeiky’s husband is that his wife is a worried woman who would not want to go public due to the two cases hanging over her head. Mr. Skeiky told this press over the weekend that his wife is not talking to Journalists because the two matters are still before the police for investigations. “We rely on the police to do their investigations thoroughly. Whatever information you need on this matter please contact the police,” he said via a telephone interview from Kenema.

The husband did not state as to where his wife got the monies she used to buy the two jeeps and other valuables in her possession when the fact remains they were mere shop keepers serving their bosses.

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