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SLPP Fix Sierra Leone and Leave EBK Alone

SLPP Fix Sierra Leone and Leave EBK Alone

Sierra Leone’s former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, is no doubt, a subject of much public debates and discussions from particularly members of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), members of his own political party, All People’s Congress (APC) Party, under which he became president of the Republic of Sierra Leone for two uninterrupted terms and even neutral members of the public.

The debate largely stems from the outcry by members of the ruling SLPP  and the National Reformation Movement (NRM), a faction within the APC, demanding that the former President, who is the current Chairman Leader of the main opposition, APC, steps down from active politics and live peacefully as a retired President.

Members of the ruling SLPP believe the former president must step aside as the opposition Chairman and leader and allow another person to take the mantle of leadership of the APC.

The call for the stepping aside of the former President by mostly, members of the SLPP and some members of the APC particularly the NRM faction, is no doubt, becoming an ear sore for most neutral members of the public  who believe the call is to a very large extent, unfair and uncalled for.

For the NRM, the call is for the former president and all the old folks within the APC to abruptly resign their positions in the party and make way for young folks who they believe are better placed to spring their party back to power after the current old folks, who make up the bulk of the executive had failed in the past election.

For the SLPP, many believe their call for the resignation of the former president from active politics is born out of the fear and the fact that the former president’s popularity still overshadows the current president, Brig. Julius Maada Bio and thus, the continued stay into politics of the former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma (in photo), is a threat to the SLPP.

Since coming to power in April last year, the SLPP led government has woefully failed in trying to solve the burning issues of the ordinary Sierra Leoneans especially the bread and butter issue and the acute economic hardship ravaging every nook and cranny of the country and virtually concentrated all its energy in calumny campaign against the former President who many Sierra Leoneans believe did his best in his ten years rule despite his short comings.

What is even more baffling to many Sierra Leoneans is why the SLPP folks are so worried over the resignation of the former President from politics.  Could it be that EBK’s presence is a shackle on their necks? Concerned citizens asked

What concerns the SLPP in the internal set up of the main opposition is what has baffled most Sierra Leoneans. Majority of Sierra Leoneans believe the SLPP has no business to determine who should or should not be at the helm of affairs of the opposition.

What the SLPP advocates have also failed to realize is the fact the Constitution of Sierra Leone does not prohibit former Presidents or Vice Presidents from taking part in politics after they had served. It is virtually the prerogative of former states men to be active or not after their services.

To this end, Sierra Leoneans are calling on the SLPP Government to concentrate on the governance of the country by trying to fix the many problems facing Sierra Leoneans and leave EBK alone.

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara                                              

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