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APC’s ‘Mumu Leadership’ Killing Democracy in Sierra Leone

APC’s ‘Mumu Leadership’ Killing Democracy in Sierra Leone

Well-meaning Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad have accused the main opposition, All Peoples Congress (APC) Party; of killing democracy in Sierra Leone over what they say is the Mumu Leadership which the current executive of the party is exhibiting in terms of holding the government accountable; a view is also shared by some factions within the party especially members of the National Reformation Movement (NRM) of the party who are now desperately calling for the resignations of the old folks and a complete overhaul of the entire executive.

According to many Sierra Leoneans including both the grass root members of the APC, the current leadership of the party is either not capable to man the day to day affairs of the party or too old and dumb to be able to hold the current Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Government, which according to them, is becoming too tyrannical by the day, to account.

They argued that since the party was booted out of power in April last year, members of the current executive have been so dumb and dormant that they have virtually allowed the SLPP to get away with everything including the killings, raping, intimidations, constitutional violations among other atrocities against both APC members and the general citizenry.  This, they say is killing democracy in the country because according to them, the role of the opposition is to checkmate every excess of the government especially in the party’s case where it is in the majority in both the legislative and local government.

It is no longer a secret that the current leadership of the APC is far too ineffective in holding the government accountable. This has also been exhibited in the House of Parliament where the SLPP has got away with everything including passing bad legislations without the necessary resistance Sierra Leoneans have been expecting from the party that is by far in the majority.

The APC has only relied on press releases which are only reactive measures after allowing the SLPP to go away with bad precedents.  It can be recalled that when the SLPP was in opposition, they were so proactive to the point they took prompt action against anything the APC does or may have wanted to do then. When the SLPP felt an action of the government was not favorable, they took to the streets without anyone’s permission which is now the complete opposite as in the case of APC.

What is more disgusting, according to disgruntled party members is the recent stance the party leadership took in not participating in any election conducted by the current Chairman of the National Electoral Commission as a result of his alleged rigging of the Tonko bye election.

This stance, according to majority of Sierra Leoneans including its members, is not only an eyesore to the country’s democracy but also a show of complete ineptitude on the part of the party leaders. How can you boycott elections that are held in your strongholds?, concerned party stalwarts queried adding that it was completely the business of the party leaders especially those accredited to observe the election to have protected their votes rather than relying on NEC to have done that for them.

Many people believe that it is not a sensible decision for the party to boycott election especially ones that are held in their strongholds. So what becomes of the coming Parliamentary bye elections to be held in Koinadugu where it has been confirmed that the Member of Parliament representing constituency 043, Hon. Eskimo Mansaray has died? Will the APC allow the SLPP to take that seat from them come that election?

It is widely believe that the APC must think again and reverse it position for the good of democracy.

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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