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At Sierra Leone Parliament Party Journalist Threatens to Kill

At Sierra Leone Parliament Party Journalist Threatens to Kill

It was amazing on Monday, March 11th, 2019 at the Sierra Leone House of Parliament when one of the contestants for the Parliamentary Press Gallery Presidency, Abdul Rahim Wurrie aka Razork openly threatened that he is a member of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and he is prepared to kill anyone who may stands his way not to be the next president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.  (Photo: Razork Wurrie)

Mr. Wurrie issued what many described as an unfortunate statement as a result of the fast approaching electionexpected to be held on March 15th this year but has been postponed to April 5th, 2019 to resolve some internal rifts after a motion was moved by one of the female Journalists, Massah KallonLynga and seconded by Sahr Komba, a member of the Press Gallery.

‘’This is my time as a member of the ruling party to be President of the gallery because the All Peoples Congress (APC) has been removed from power’’, he told colleague Journalists in an unpleasant tone.

According to many members of the Press Gallery, although Razork Wurrie is a member of the ruling party but he is not their favorite among the two aspirants because of his insolent manners as he has no respect for even colleague Journalists.

Mohamed Y. Turay, VP Alhaji Mansaray and President, Hassan Y. Koroma

Razork Wurrie is to contest the incumbent President, Hassan Koroma who have successfully administered the noble institution since 2018 to date with no qualms for the fact that he worked according to the expectation of the entire membership.

Wurrie alleged that the incumbent President, Hassan Koroma is not only unaccountable but never issued any receipt to members that often honor their entitlements adding that as an opposition leader of the Press Gallery, supposed to be told whenever a new member join the organization but everything took to the opposite direction.

Responding to Razork’s claims, the Chief Electoral Commissioner of Press Gallery, Abubakarr Jalloh said he was not expecting Mr. Wurrie to declare himself as member of the SLPP because he said, a Journalist is not a politician while the intending President, Mr. Wurrie proclaimed that he did not recognize the current Chief Electoral Commissioner who have served only one term as a Commissioner of the Press Gallery.

The Commissioner argued that all members must honor their arrears before the commission would allow the election to commence or else there would be no election. He therefore encouraged all members to pay their dues so that the election could be held as planned.

He argued that although the term of office for the current executive has over but he said, members have the rights to extend their time to arrive at an amicable solution.

The Financial Secretary, Jeneba V. Kabba said among the forty members, only 23 have paid their submission fees and she called on member to make their payment as soon as possible for the smooth running of the organization.

Commissioner Abubakarr Jalloh maintained that Ex-officious including John Mansaray and Ellias Bangura should be part of the election process.

The President, Hassan Koroma encouraged the general membership to comply in paying their arrears because according to him, the number of people who have paid their entitlement are not qualify to vote or been voted for the fact that those who have paid exceed those who are still yearning to pay their money and be part of the process.

The general membership of the Parliamentary Press Gallery therefore cautioned the intending aspirant, Mr. Wurrie to withdraw his unfortunate statement or else he would not get the support of the majority to satisfy his desire because the institution was mainly established to protect the interest of Journalists not for politicians.

The meeting which was chaired by the Vice President of Parliamentary Press Gallery, Alhaji Mansaray attracted members of the organization.

By Amira Tatayea Bangura

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