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President Bio Castigates APC Diplomats

President Bio Castigates APC Diplomats

In treaty with exclusive telephone interviews conducted by Sierra Express Media (SEM), it was painfully exclaimed by quite a good number of APC Ambassadors that they have not only been castigated by this vindictive and hostile PAOPA government, but also living in shambles in foreign lands, that they have diligently served on behalf of Sierra Leone.  SEM was told that Diplomats are in severe embarrassment to settle their outstanding bills before final departure. This particular orchestrated inhuman deterrent posed by President Bio’s administration, if not amicably solved has enormous negative effect to further discourage foreign investments.  (Photo: HE President Julius Maada Bio)

“If the SLPP Government is maltreating us thus far, then what kind of message they are portraying about Governance? Is this the change itself they used to deceive electorates to vote in favor of them? Though it is now over due, if this PAOPA Leadership is really keen about the International reputation of Sierra Leone, and then let our devastating and sickening issue of national concern be addressed at once before its further escalates. Such ill hearted treatment to we the Ambassadors, has clearly discerned their level of incompetence to govern this country. Success is far fetched of any President that is ruling based on malice and personal vendetta will woefully fail. President Bio, disburse our repatriation allowances to at least restore some lost honour on us”. Bitterly registered their disappointment.

Sadly enough, the Grassroots have painfully disclosed to SEM that instead of President Bio with his allies concentrate on solving a sensitive national issue that possesses the tenets to dent the country’s image globally, they are just wasting tax payers’ monies on fruitless activities. To further record their greatest dismays, they cried out loud and I quote “Those Diplomats are our Excellencies out there and they have professionally served on behalf of this nation, therefore they deserve to be treated as such. The former APC Government under the leadership of Former President Koroma settled that sensitive matter outside public hearings. President Bio, if you are indeed the father of this nation, then gives peace a chance by making that significant mayhem a thing of the past, otherwise your Government will climax to be seen as a retrogressive administration,” uttered the suffering Masses.

By: Allieu Badara Kamara

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