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Random Musing

I cannot accuse Victor Bockarie Foh to be an SLPP sympathiser because he  has been APC through and through even when the SLPP was in governance with late Tejan Kabba as President. He was meted with all sort of intimidation and disgrace, still he believed in the APC and never pitched tent with the SLPP, a party dominated by his tribesmen. But the APC was grateful for all what he went through and was adequately compensated.

I can’t fathom what the former Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh was saying, that President Koroma should accept that Julius  Maada  Bio is the President of Sierra Leone. Was President Koroma not the President that conducted the elections and his party lost and handed over power to the current President ?

What acceptance does Victor want again from President Koroma?  President Koroma accepted the outcome of the elections and handed over power to Maada Bio peacefully without any rancour, so it was very unfortunate for Victor Foh to utter such beggarly statement against his former boss and party.

The disservice Victor is doing to the APC, the party that made him what he is today and to former President Koroma, the man that appointed him as vice president is not only preposterous, but a clear show of dishonesty and betrayal that is commensurate to treason. I can’t believe Victor Foh will develop such courage and zest  to empty his bowels with such utterances against the APC and former president Koroma at this difficult time of the party

Victor Foh was commensurately compensated for his resilience and steadfastness in the struggles of the APC and he is paying the opposite to the party.

How could people face a commission of inquiry that has already convicted them without trial? The 5:30 shadow face Chief Minister ,David Francis was on record to have  labelled the administration of former president Koroma as a *”criminal racketeering enterprise*”and the SLPP inherited the worst economy after independence. With such unfortunate and rebellious utterances from a powerful man in the SLPP administration, *are the senses of Victor Foh on recess for him not to realise  the APC is right to demand for the rules of evidence to be followed as prescribed in the national constitution?*

The motive of the clueless commission of inquiry is to dent possible financiers of the APC during elections and render them bankrupt.

The whole world know that the utterances of Victor Foh were  spiced with personal vendetta against former President Koroma and  trying to beg sympathy from his tribes men.

The APC is ready to resist any attempt to muscle their leaders through vengeful and tribally motivated commission.

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