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Call for Sierra Leonean IT Professionals in the Diaspora and at home to serve as mentors

Call for Sierra Leonean IT Professionals in the Diaspora and at home to serve as mentors

Call for Sierra Leonean IT Professionals in the Diaspora and at home to serve as mentors

If you are a Sierra Leonean, an Information Technology professional in the diaspora or at home and are interested in volunteering to serve as a mentor, please fill out the simple form at https://tpisent.com/form/mentor-volunteer-form

Based on input from the participants, we are looking for people with experience in the following job roles; Backend Software Developer, Frontend Software Developer, Backend Web Developer, Frontend Web Developer, Backend Mobile Developer, Frontend Mobile Developer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator or Developer, IT Manager, IT Project Manager, User Interface Developer, User Interface Designer, Video Game Designer, Video Game Developer, Data Scientist, Systems Analyst, User Experience Designer, UX/UI Specialists, Python Developer, PHP Developer, React Developer, Angular Developer, Software Quality Assurance Tester, IT Security Specialist and any other IT related fields.

What you will be doing as a volunteer mentor?

  • You will share your experience – How you got where you are in your career, what a day at work looks like, what people who want to do the work you do need to know, what you wish you had known before your first job, what must be done to succeed in your type of role and etc.
  • You will share your contact details for any of the participants to contact you later
  • You will pick a trending topic in your area of work and share the knowledge
  • You will have the opportunity to help the participants on personal IT related projects
  • You will have the opportunity to hire any of the participants into your own company in Sierra Leone
  • Coach, and mentor participants who are interested in working with you directly as a mentor

How much of time will be required;

  • At least 10hrs per month

What technology tools will you need if you are in the Diaspora

  • A computer with a webcam and microphone for zoom, WebEx, skype, or google hangout online meeting

How will this work?

  • If you are in the diaspora, you will present to participants using an online meeting via zoom, skype, WebEx or google hangout
  • If you are based in Freetown, Sierra Leone and want to present in person, you will do it at the ground floor of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, industry and agriculture

Background of the program
In 2018, IOM hired us (TpISENT (SL) Limited operating as T4D Consulting Corporation at the time) to coordinate the Sierra Leone Diaspora Agribusiness Investment forum.  We invited the Executive Director of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) – a network of over 800 organizations all over the globe.  While we planned for his arrival, we requested that we do something else since this was the first time, he was visiting Sierra Leone as head of GODAN.  We agreed to do a “hackathon on agriculture” the theme of the week. We brought in a guy from Kenya and a lady from Italy to help us coordinate the activities.  The gentleman from Kenya told us he was surprised/impressed at the quality of developers we had from this sample he interacted with.  That inspired us to think that perhaps we should try to help these guys reach their potential and perhaps put them in the workforce as soon as they graduate from college. To capitalize on the feedback, we engaged the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture as we planned for the agribusiness forum.   During a tour of their premises, we had looked at their resource center which is grossly underused.  Thinking that we might need some space to harness these young developers we requested use of the space as members of the Chamber and we agreed on terms.

So today we have the opportunity to work with the young developers and prepare them for the future either working for TpISENT (SL) Limited or for any one of your companies in Sierra Leone or the government, or anyone else looking for quality IT professionals.  This is the future that we hope to accomplish. To achieve this, we have provided high speed internet access, desktop computers, few IOT devices like Amazon Echo and IOT lamps, Projector and few others on the ground floor of the chamber of commerce building on 24 Charlotte Street and open the doors to students from 9AM to 5PM each day Monday through Friday. The students use the resource centre today for research. We want to take the next steps – coaching and mentoring. This is the reason we are reaching out to you all for help. We cannot do it alone. We believe in collaboration.

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