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In Excessive Abuse Of Authority Police Mercilessly Beat Bike Rider

In Excessive Abuse Of Authority Police Mercilessly Beat Bike Rider

On Sunday the 28th Day of July,2018 at about 11:00 .m., some five police officers attached at the Waterloo Police Station mercilessly beat and dragged a bike rider – Mohamed, who is popularly known as “ Man nar os” for failing to use an helmet in the presence of his helpless colleagues at the Post Office Okada parking ground, Waterloo.

The complainant when surrounded by the police initially willing to abide but in no time he received serious physical attacks from those cruel officers who prompted him to behave reluctantly. During that ongoing clumsy incident, this press saw two Civil Society Activists representing the Initiative for Youth and Children Empowerment- Sierra Leone with the acronym IYCE- SALONE who professionally intervened trying to harmonize that alarming situation but the officers expressed severe anger at the extent of using obscene languages against CSO’s, Journalists and the Media as a whole.

After series of interviews conducted within that vicinity, this press was told that Mohamed was without a helmet and that he admitted to the offence caused but what aggravated that terrible situation was the attempt made by the Officers to search his bag where he normally keeps his money. The accused categorically stated that his bag has not got any bearing with the offence committed and in response to that statement he was hand cuffed and brutally dragged to the station regardless of his loud cry and the general condemnation of that action. The unhappy riders disclosed their dissatisfaction with that particular action and in a subtle manner informed this medium that, that has been the normal routine of the Police at the area under review. They said although they are obstinately working to abide by the rules and regulations set in their daily operations and in connection with quality service delivery, yet, they are treated like criminals.

In a nut shell, the police were publicly bragging that His Excellency President Bio has mandated them to instill discipline, they are therefore determined to beat defaulters like animals including CSO’s Activists which they deliberately manifested by wrongly alleging that the Program Director of the above mentioned organization has videotaped their action. After they have thoroughly checked his phone which was forcefully confiscated from him, that allegation and embarrassment were found futile. The people that were present posed a salient question- IS THIS REALLY A FORCE FOR GOOD?  Spontaneously, everyone was chased out of the station.

Furthermore, we were informed that the accused was locked up with serious torture that was later released on the same day on the pretext of showing mutual understanding.

By: Allieu Lamin Kamara

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