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SLPP Brings A Garbage Transition Report

SLPP Brings A Garbage Transition Report

As this prominent and well composed media has carefully perused through the Executive Summary of that controversial and dumbfounded Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report, the following issues raised are precisely commented on: (Photo: Professor David Francis, Head of  the Transition Team)

  • In reference to the substantial debts alleged to have been incurred by the former President Koroma’s regime, we presumed that it is an unavoidable fact that THERE IS NO COUNTRY in the World including the United States of America (USA) – being the World Super Power at present without incurring liabilities (debts) in order to meet its major developmental strides. What this press is really pondering over is devoid of the claims against the past APC government; nobody and we reiterate nobody has absolutely mentioned the -19.6% of that worst economic condition under the leadership of the late President Kabbah, of which the former sagacious President Koroma took over. Round of applause should have been given to the erstwhile president that tremendously increased it to 6% in 2016.
  • That “mix up box up” Report also made mention that the IMF had suspended disbursement of both budgetary and balance of payment support to Sierra Leone in 2017 as a result of not closing the Fiscal gap and failed to adhere to agreed actions under the Extended credit facility. That really sounds dumb founded and baseless. The IMF did what they did simply because the APC government under the compassionate leadership of former president, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma resisted to have waved the fuel subsidies in the interests of the citizens of this country. That inconsiderate financial institution was pinpointing that Sierra Leone has the cheapest fuel within the sub regions especially the MRU countries. Instead of pooling the legs of that past administration whose decision at that time has left the fuel price to what it is today (Le 6,000.00 per litre). The people of Sierra Leone are no longer blind to the realities when it comes to issues of national relevance. It is not a secret that the New Misdirection has attempted to increase the fuel price in relation to a leaked nonsensical executive order but the wide condemnation by the proverbial Sierra Leoneans warranted them to put a hold on that irrational and untimely order.
  • Accusing the past cohesive APC government of tribalism and regionalism is really dumbfounded and sounds clumsy and comical. It was only that regime in the political History of this country that the word “cohesion” was displayed at its best. Although the top SLPP players who are now bragging, nagging and accusing the APC functionaries of corruption and misappropriation of public funds were absorbed into that past cohesive regime, though some were fired as a result of illegally selling and confiscating government lands in order to sabotage the then regime. Some were caught at the helm of illegally motivated activities. The likes of the Financial Secretary- Mr. Jusu, the deputy Financial Secretary and the substantive Director of Budget- Dr. Mathew Dingie, J.J. Saffa, the late JB Dauda, Munda Rogers to name but a few were retained. SLPP Directors/ Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries of MDAs were also not sacked with impunity.
  • Audit Service to undertake special Audits of all MDAs seems an extravagant spending due to the fact that there are existing audited data that should have been efficiently utilized rather than conducting special audits. In a regular interface with the masses, most people have already concluded that it is another witch hunt strategy.
  • When the economy under the selfless leadership of President Koroma was referred to as the fastest growing economy, most patriotic citizens were proud of him. Had it not been the interruption of that dreadful menace called EBOLA, he should have catapulted our economy to an enviable status. To this leadership that is commonly called “The Sandi’s government”, it is a bad news that is why it was not elucidated on that “Pitti patta” GTT Report.

However, more authentic episodes will be coming up in our subsequent editions.

By: Allieu Lamin Kamara 

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