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I will not countenance the unforgivable grammatical rudeness committed in the just published unreported transition team report of the operations of the former President, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma’s administration to save our country from international embarrassment. The whole report is loaded with vendetta, malice and tribal sentiment and it does not depict a report headed by a whole Professor. The report lack the ingredients of a research conducted on the altar of fairness and patriotism. How could a research of such nature lack footnotes and references of the people interviewed?  The current administration want to render this nation ungovernable and the people of Sierra Leone will not sit by and see their hard earned peace dragged to the bungalow of treacherousness and straightforward tribalism.

The current Minister of Lands, Dr Denis Sandi was the secretary to the transition team and he was also a minister in the same ministry in the past administration where he was sacked for corruption related offences. How comes his name is not mentioned in the report? The current Financial Secretary, Sahr Lahai Jusu, was the Director of Public Debt in the Ministry of Finance in the past administration and he was a signatory to the purchase agreement of the 100 buses from China, how comes his name is not mentioned in the report? There are many other key players in the past administration who are in the front row of this current administration but their names are not in the report simply because they belong to the Mende tribe of the President. But what Sierra Leoneans are laughing at is; what the current President will have to say about the fight against corruption when it is widely known about the $18M he syphoned in a tender period of three months as head of a military junta which slaughtered over 29 innocent civilians in 1992?

The people of Sierra Leone are calling on the International Community to caution this administration on what they are planning against the Opposition All People Congress (APC) supporters who are Northern dominated. The people of this country will not sit by and see the former President, who majority of the people of this country referred to as the saviour who emancipated the people of Freetown and the country as a whole from the tentacles of perpetual darkness the previous SLPP regime plunged this country into.

The transition report is nothing but a diversionary tactics from their failure in delivering something tangible in their first 100 days in office. It lacks credence and facts which the least secondary school pupil can debunk. The report doesn’t resonate a document well researched that can stand the test of time and survive in an academic discourse. The people of this country are ready for anything bad this government may want to do to the leaders of the APC. For the sake of peace, the people accepted the outcome of the March 7th &31st March election which was on recorded to be the most rigged elections since independent and the highly corrupted elections in the sub region. We are calling of the representatives of the International Community in Sierra Leone, which are the American Embassy, British High Commission, the UNDP country Director, World Bank country Manager, Ambassadors, diplomats and all members of foreign institutions to advice the government of President Maada Bio to be very courteous in dealing with the fake and vague findings in the tribal report card called transition report.

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