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As Farmers Go Back to Work Purported Land Owner Reports to Bombali Law Officer

As Farmers Go Back to Work Purported Land Owner Reports to Bombali Law Officer

Sierra Express Media has discovered that, the maddened village Headman of Robarrie village, Mr. Issa Kalokoh has again reported farmers of Worreh Makankry village, Makarie Gbantie Chiefdom in Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone upon hearing that the hardworking agriculturists have returned to serious farming activities in their vast area of fertile land after years of senseless conflict.

It could be recalled that the land in dispute had been under the supervision of the people of Worreh Makankry Village for hundreds of years before the claimant, Issa Kaloko was born but the coming of the then African Minerals Limited which paid hundreds of millions to land owners including Issa Kalokoh who received over Le300M took the prosperous farmers of Worreh Makankry to court action in Bombali over a large area of land separated by thick forests between Robarrie Village where Kalokoh hails versus farmers in Worreh Makankry Village within the same chiefdom.

Speaking to this reporter, Headman of Makankry Village, Mr. Lamin Kamara aka Pa Lamina has intimated this press that few days ago, the local farmer of Robarrie, Mr. Issa Kalokoh whom he described as a land grabber has reported him alone this time to the Bombali State Counsel and Law Officer that “I allowed inhabitants of Makankry Village to perform agricultural land to the disputed land and I was invited to answer questions next Saturday to the State Counsel”. The Headman stated.

Mr. Kamara warns Kalokoh to hands off from the land’s battle because according to him Paramount and section chiefs has testified that the land in question belongs naturally and artificially to farmers of Worreh Makankry because it has been under their control for over two hundred years before the emergence of the African Minerals that paid him the huge amount of millions for passing the Rail Way Line through his Garden and portion of land believe to be a communal land belonging to inhabitants of Robarrie Village but in the end, Issa Kalokoh allegedly embezzled the large amount of money which was supposed to be shared among poor farmers and land owners.

Issa Kalokoh was accused of not only using the then Iron Ore mining company, African Minerals funds paid to him for his destroyed plantations to fight the people of Makankry Village but he also used the money to bribe lawyers and chiefs with cattle and physical cash. Kalokoh in the first point, developed zeal to sue in court the people of Makankry Village because he had the support of the dethrone Headman of Worreh Makankry Village, Osman Dawoh who was relieve from the village Headmanship for acting against his own people.

During the court hearing at the Pad Lap Local Court, farmers in Worreh Makankry shed tears for witnessing their own Headman, Osman Dawoh testifying against the village his fellow farmers he had ruled for over twenty two years.

Since the matter was ruled in his favor years ago, Issa Kalokoh has done nothing in the land he claimed to be his personal property because he was afraid of the people of Worreh Makankry who acquired the land in dispute from their ancestors before the claimant, Issa Kalokoh was born.

In that regard, farmers in Makankry Village have vowed to deal with anyone who may attempt to carry out any farming activity in the land they inherited from their forefathers.

Effort made to contact Mr. Issa Kalokoh from his garden at Robarrie Village proved futile but he had earlier resisted that the disputed land belongs to him and vowed to do whatever he could to have the land on his side.

By Abdulai Mento Kamara

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