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Unfair police postings & political vendetta undermine the SLP

Unfair police postings & political vendetta undermine the SLP

There is enough evidence to show that quite a number of junior and senior police personnel endlessly suffer from wrong and malevolent postings due to selective justice, maladministration and a wide range of political vendetta highly prevailing in the Sierra Leone Police Force.

Prior to the just concluded local council, parliamentary and presidential elections across the country, several police officers were unjustifiably  removed from their lawful postings and transferred to demote areas and divisions by means of punitive actions mainly because of their attempts to dispense fair policing against partisan politics during the electioneering process.

In depth findings reliably discover that transfer memos have been authoritatively coming from the Police Headquarters on George Street, Freetown, and they have always been signed by those at the helm of affairs.

The findings have it that quite a number of Assistant Superintendents of Police, Superintendents and Chief Superintendents of Police-besides bulks of affected junior officers, are compelled to continue to idle and languish across various Police Divisions without doing anything inasmuch they are not duly posted to perform daily police functions.

Imagine the unjustifiable removal of dozens of senior police officers from their rightful postings for merely arresting, detaining and charging to court unscrupulous supporters and members of the then ruling party for perpetrating political violence, before and during the March 2018 elections.

By way of revenge, dozens of police officers also suspected to be supporters and sympathizers of the then ruling APC government are now being unjustifiably removed from their postings and transferred to demote areas as equally done to others, even though many still remain unnoticed thus languish for the past two/three months. Reliably, these affected and victimized police officers can be found across Police Divisions in the north, east and south of the country.

What is also discovered to undermining the efficiency of the Sierra Leone Police is that many police officers are being imposed to occupy offices that they do not deserve. It came out succinct that bulks of these imposed officers fearlessly disregard their immediate bosses; bastardize authoritative commands and operations by showing loyalty and direct subordination to those that influence their nifty postings.

It is high time the Inspector General of Police take cognizance of the menace and try to address the problem, otherwise the public will end up suffering as a result of bad and aggressive policing.

Among others at Harbour, Waterloo Police Divisions etc., is a Superintendent of Police (name withheld) that is imposed above his rank to serve as the Divisional Traffic Officer at Panlap Police Division, when in actual sense, it should be the position of an Assistant Superintendent of Police or at least a Police Inspector.

However,  one of the hidden secrets known to be responsible for imposing wrong personnel into offices at the detriment of identified hardworking officers, according to reliable findings is the exploitation of some of these junior officers to unlawfully generate proceeds for bulks of senior police officers at Police Headquarters in Freetown, with impunity; and by extension to serve as secret eyes and spies against whatever happens in those divisions and most often, against meaningful police orders, decisions and operations.

By Alie Mozart Sesay

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