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In Sierra Leone -To fight Gerald Metals Crooked Frank Timis recruits Imposter Journalists

In Sierra Leone -To fight Gerald Metals Crooked Frank Timis recruits Imposter Journalists

Reports reaching this newspaper indicate that the Government of Sierra Leone has complacently joined hands with some shady foreign investors to defeat the course of the local content policy, which was recently enacted into law as a policy to protect indigenous workers and contractors.

Our investigation has revealed that one such individual is a man called Frank Timis, formerly of the now defunct London Mining Company which went into administration in 2014 during which many Sierra Leoneans who were employed by the company were not paid their liquidation benefits while scores of contractors who had performed for the company were also not paid their monies running into tens of millions of dollars.

It was also reported that the Government of Sierra Leone secretly helped the Timis Mining Company to take over the London Mining Company, a deal which was referred to by many nationals as shady deal, as the Timis Mining Corporation is reported to have taken over only the mine fields and equipment but refused to take over the liabilities of London Mining.

The reports further stated that within a period of six months after take over, the Timis Mining Corporation is reported to have exported over $100 million worth of iron ore in circumstances that still remain unclear.

Our source further explained that while the mine fields were closed down, the company was hugely indebted into tens of millions of dollars owed to local contractors and suppliers. Our source also revealed that the Timis Mining Corporation is alleged to have owed the Government of Sierra Leone a huge tax sum of $16 million.

Our source also revealed that the Government has been implicated into another shady deal with shareholders in the Timis Mining Corporation to form a new mining company called Sierra Leone Minerals, to take over the mine fields of Timis Mining Corporation.

He further explained that as the major shareholder in the Timis Mining Corporation, Mr. Frank Timis is alleged to have agreed to withdraw the license of the said company so as to give way to Sierra Leone Minerals to apply for a new license, which will give them the legal right to operate and have no business with local contractors and suppliers owed by the company.

Further investigations by this newspaper have also disclosed that in the case of African Minerals Limited, where 90% of the debtors were Lebanese nationals, the Government ensured that they were paid all monies that were owed them when the company went into liquidation, while in the case of London Mining Company even though 90% of the debtors were local indigenes, the Government is alleged to be reluctant to force the Timis Mining Corporation to pay the local contractors and suppliers.

We have also been informed that even the benefits of local workers on have not been to them as at this very moment, which have resulted to serious legal action brought against the company in both the Industrial and Civil Courts.

We have also been informed that Mr. Frank Timis also intends to give very damaging information about the operations of the Gerald Metals Company who he sees both as a threat and having refused to give in to his blackmail.

Many Sierra Leoneans who the Sierra Express Media spoke to are of the opinion that the deal between the Government on one side, the London Mining Company and that of Timis Mining Corporation on the other part is a shady deal which is not in the interest of the citizens of this country.

The affected persons, most of whom are now languishing, have called on President Ernest Bai Koroma and other stakeholders to prevail on the Timis Mining Corporation to take over all the liabilities of the defunct London Mining Company and pay all money owed by that company to former workers, contractors and suppliers.

They also insist that legal action be brought against both Frank Timis and the Timis Mining Corporation for what they referred to as the many transgressions he and his company have committed against the people of this country.

In a very strange twist of events, we were informed that some so called Journalists claiming to be working for this newspaper, together with a Lawyer, supposedly working for Frank Timis, are reported to have travelled to the Senegal capital, Dakar, where they are expected to be issued with visas for them to travel to Paris France to meet with Mr. Frank Timis where he is expected to instruct them on how to further blackmail the Government as well as plan on how to continue to flout the laws of this land and continue to rape the mineral resources of this country.

We have also been reliably informed that the impostor Journalists intend to use this opportunity to seek asylum in either France or other European countries.

In an interview with the Proprietor and Publisher of this newspaper, Mr. Adeyemi Chukwu Paul, he stated that he neither knows the imposter Journalists nor are they working for his newspaper.

He also said that he is neither aware of the planned trip of the said Journalists nor was he a part of them, stressing that for them to use the name of his newspaper in such an illegal operation was a very criminal act.

Meanwhile, we have now instructed our team of investigators to go into the field and gather information on the crooked activities of Mr. Frank Timis which are reported to have led to the closure of the London Mining Company as well as to his continued blackmail and use of key government functionaries.

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