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Qatar Constructs 9 New Stadiums to Host World Cup 2022!

Qatar Constructs 9 New Stadiums to Host World Cup 2022!

The FIFA World Cup for 2022 will be hosted in the Gulf State of Qatar that has put in place almost all the additional logistical requirements to host the event.

The country has just completed the construction of 9 ultra modern stadiums 5 years ahead of the event! Several are shown below.

Though Sierra Leone cannot host any major world event, the country has also done extremely well by constructing the Siaka Stevens’ stadium after 56 years of independence. In effect, the stadium which resembles us in every shape and form vividly tells the serious and brilliant people we are.

Siaka Stevens Stadium Freetown

Qatar today has 150 planes flying to 150 different destinations across the globe while stone age Sierra Leone cannot even boast of a flying object. Countries like The Gambia, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, and others, all have presidential jets while Sierra Leone’s president travel on chartered flights.

Ironically, Sierra Leone has more resources than all the aforementioned countries combined.

Today, our country has been tagged with chronic bad luck as it continues to fail woefully in every human endeavour!

Even the “kekteh” Siaka Stevens’ stadium was constructed by the Chinese on load to the Sierra Leone government just like the Youyi Building! All the numerous loans taken since independence have not been paid and continue to pile more loans to be repaid by our unborn generations. What a people are we? Do we really plan for the future? Do we care about those who will come after us? Are we not leaving them with endless debts?

Sierra Leone is the only country in the world where people dense gumbay when the government receives loans from donors!

The government negotiate bad loans for the construction of roads that will further impoverish the people through poll taxes to be collected over half a century but we keep lavishing praises on the government for this as indelible achievements.

Our president is the world’s best leader but he rules a country devastated by poverty disease, misery, ignorance, superstition and chronic bad luck!

What kind of people are we?

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