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Today’s Quote is From Capt. Valentine Strasser

Today’s Quote is From Capt. Valentine Strasser

“Fellow citizens, for over 23 years we have been misruled by an oppressive, corrupt, exploitative and tribalistic bunch of crooks and traitors, under the umbrella of the APC (All people’s Congress) government.

This regime has perpetuated nepotism, tribalism, gross mismanagement, total collapse of our economy, education, health, transport and communication systems.

This regime has brought permanent poverty and a deplorable life for most Sierra Leoneans. This regime has failed us woefully. For Sierra Leone, the past 23 years can only be described as the lost decades. It is all over now!”

Capt. Valentine Ezegrabo Melvin Strasser, Spokesman NPRC, 30 April 1992.

Unfortunately for the poverty ravaged state of Sierra Leone, the country was never redeemed from the vices and years of chronic poverty and misery described by Capt. Strasser.

In effect, the war which the NPRC used is the main that triggered the coup d’etat was not concluded. On the contrary, it was amplified with gross human rights violations and heinous war crimes under what came to be known as the “sobel phenomenon”.

The NPRC boys looted state resources with rudeness and carried summary executions amidst grave human rights violations.

Capt. Strasser saved his loot in his wife’s name in a London bank account which his wife also looted in turn as part of the curse that shattered the hopeless military junta.

Today, Capt. Strasser lives on handouts provided by friends and occasionally by members of the ruling party whose supporters he had viciously and wantonly executed in cold blood.

This is little wonder that Capt. Strasser has lost his mental balance and seems to be suffering from monomania!

Bio who camouflages himself as the most successful survivor of the discredited NPRC military junta, like Strasser, has been out of employment for two decades and also survives on handouts provided by supporters and sympathisers.

Today, the country’s economy is in shambles with a rampant inflation that has rendered the country’s national currency worthless.

All what the current regime can boast of are the substandard roads being constructed by the Chinese out of donor handouts.

What a hopeless nation peopled by people being held hostage by their own stone age partisan and tribal sentiments!

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