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APC Succession Pendulum Swings

APC Succession Pendulum Swings

Now and again the political bell tolls; this toll is significant for the intrinsic massage it carries; the burial of infidels in the political configuration in the ruling party. It is not a survival of the fittest but one for the faithful. Politics, like marriage, is for those with identical “plumage “which distinguishes fowl from the crow. People must think alike to belong to a common society.

As the political pendulum swings back and forth, pointing to the various figures on the face of the clock, the great eminent sits admiring the antics of the players.

It is time for Sierra Leoneans to start thinking rightly and honestly In the interest of mother Sierra Leone.

To come to the point, there are now many contenders for the political baton with the All Peoples Congress. Politics is an art of using power over fellow men. If this is true, then leadership should be given to those who know how to obey.

One must be an apprentice to become a boss at a later date. Starting any game not as a player, but as a captain often spells doom for the team. The SLPP saw this in the case of the late President Kabbah who they brought from a position of incognito in to the limelight. Loading in that ungrateful boat, without old friends like Ngor Charlie, they landed them on a very regretful beach with feet buried so deep in the sand that many of them even now find it difficult to free themselves while Ngor Charles sits smiling at his disgruntled brothers and sisters, all products of a divided and rule game that Pa. Kabbah knew to play so well.

That lesson was for the SLPP. Are the APC too going to repeat this game; a game in which all players are losers? Not to belabor the point, PA Ernest should now be evaluating the ‘servitude’ of the aspirants for that all important “flagbearership”of his party.

If I were Pa Ernest, I would throw a challenge, if not confusion, in the political camp of the Mendes by giving the flag to a Mende aspirant in the APC; one that may well forward the objectives of the party and commands the respect and love of the Mende people. This is to counter all insinuations of tribalism, the platitude of the vainglorious politicians who define the politics of this country by simple categorization of tribalism against each other, in the absence of cogent political concept to put forward as a campaign strategy to woo the people.

In fact no Mende has ever held the mantle or flag of the APC; only Foh, after the executed Francis Minah, has done so far as to become a Vice-President. Foh is one of the Mendes who has risen so high in the APC. The SLPP, on the contrary, have it to their credit to have given their flag to a Northerner, but has the APC ever given flag to a Southerner or easterner apart from Siaka Stevens who doubtfully claimed Moyamba ancestry and at the same time claimed Limba origin?

“The pendulum swings, where may it land”



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