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What’s happening to our Ambassadors: A Rejoinder

What’s happening to our Ambassadors: A Rejoinder

It is not alarming to know that reprobate buffoons still exist in this our modern world in spite of education, civility and exposure one has gotten in developed nations we are privileged to live.  The inconsistency and hypocrisy of Alias Hassan B. Mansaray on his article titled “What’s happening with our Ambassadors” is the most bizarre and comical article I have ever read.  He went to say that, “I hate the New People online; I hate the SLPP” etc.  What inconsistency and political hypocrisy he has manifested to himself. Why are you hiding your true nature and identity?   It is cowardly and treacherous for a man who stands for the truth of what he believes in to go under the cover of darkness and cast aspersions on government officials of a party which he purports to support.

Due to the inconsistency and contradictions that are present in your article. It is therefore critical to process and cross-examine your true nature and comparing it with different natures in a most skeptical manner. So that a more informed and balanced conclusion could be made.

It is amazing that a man with such great respect for President Ernest B. Koroma and his party officials can also have the bad qualities that are opposite of those great ones. How these traits can coexist in one person does not make sense. One of the traits must be a false front. This is the nature of the world. When two opposites come together in the same place and do not alter each other, then one of them is kept up as a façade. At any moment in time this façade can move or crack and the true nature of the person will come to light. People who display too many contradictions in character are usually true hypocrites.

Alias Hassan B. Kamara intentionally and maliciously published false statements against Ambassador Jongopie Stevens and recklessly failed to verify alleged facts when any reasonable person could have checked before publishing the malicious article against the Ambassador.  There  has been room  in journalism for argument and verifying stories before publication, but any publication that identifies itself with the enemies of progress makes its reporting automatically suspect.  When a reporter starting point is an opinion or even a strongly held political philosophy, which is in advocacy journalism, reporting can become an exercise in gathering ammunition.

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind and any form.  However, the freedom of speech which is affirmed is subject to any reasonable limit prescribed by law which may be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.  Freedom of speech does not in general terms entitle people to speak falsely of others to the detriment of their reputations as demonstrated recently by Alias Hassan B. Mansaray against His Excellency, Ambassador Jongopie Stevens of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Sound journalism includes practicing noble ethics, checking for accuracy and knowing libel law.   Any trained writer or journalist should know that a libel suit can cause personal distress, consumption of time and erosion of a publication’s reputation for integrity and credibility even when a publication may not be at fault.  Journalism scandals are high- profile acts, whether intentional or accidental that run contrary to the generally accepted ethics and standards of journalism or otherwise violate the ideal mission of  journalism: to report news events and issues accurately and fairly.

The most outrageous and dangerous person to deal with on planet earth is an inconsistent, hypocritical,  non-remorseful and an un-apologetic being that imputes with impunity on  government officials without verifying the hard facts. The lack of conscience by Alias Hassan B. Mansaray in misinforming the reading public about Ambassador Jongopie Stevens in the New People newspapers online,  is not only outrageous, diabolical, distorted lies and propaganda  aimed at  the government of President Koroma but  a ploy to discredit Sierra Leone in the outside world.

In conclusion, it is evident that sensationalism has become deeply entrenched in the media, leaving the public paying a high price through their loss of credible sources of information. In turn, journalists are also paying a high price by sacrificing their ethical standards and succumbing to the temptations of sensationalism for the sake of profit. Therefore, Alias Hassan B. Mansaray if you are a novice in writing refrain from writing unsubstantiated and libelous reports about people without verifying the hard facts or be ready to spend your days in court.

Written by Joseph S. Sherman, Washington, DC, USA

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